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    Today we want to offer you a somewhat uncommon and not too well-known design: hearts on socks. You can make socks like that for yourself as well as for your kid. You can even embroider several pairs with this one free machine embroidery design: a small heart. For that, you’ll need to alter the design a little – for example, change the color or rearrange the hearts pattern.
    Before we begin, I’d like to point out that some embroidery machines (ELNA 9900, TAJIMA, HAPPY RICH, BARUDAN) are equipped with a special device for embroidery on socks and mittens. It makes the embroidery process much simpler. For some, this device is a real treasure.
    But most often even the advanced embroiderers don't own it. For that reason, I’m going to tell you how to do without such a gadget and successfully embroider a free machine embroidery design – a heart – on socks.
    The best and easiest way is to embroider on the elastic part. Hoop the medium weight cutaway stabilizer. Pin the sock on top of it in such a way that the resulting embroidery will be on its right, and not the wrong, side. Embroider the design. During the embroidery, you should keep an eye on the rest of the sock so that it doesn’t get stitched. After that, trim the extra stabilizer.
    Not as difficult as it seemed, right?
    For those who own the aforementioned gadget but don't know how to mount and use it, here’s a guideline. It is clear and simple – you will get the gist of it in a couple of minutes.

    How to attach a device for the embroidery on socks and mittens to the machine?

    First of all, make sure that the machine is switched off. You need to do this in order to follow all the safety and work instructions so that you don't get hurt.
    After that, unscrew the horizontal bar of the frame holder and remove it from the machine.
    Then place the sock frame holder to the slots in the carriage and screw it with two screws.
    The set consists of two embroidery frames (marked with a letter and a number, for example, S1 and S2) and two supporting accessories for them.
    Place the cutaway stabilizer on top of the base of the sock frame.
    On the right side of the sock, mark the center-lines in order to place the design right.
    Put the sock onto the supporting accessory in such a way that the center-lines you've drawn align with the lines on the device. Smooth out the stabilizer while you’re doing that. Insert the upper part of the frame into a sock.
    Check the stabilizer position. It should be placed between the two parts of the sock exactly in the middle.
    In order to remove the supporting accessory, pull the sock frame upwards.
    Now turn in the lower part of the sock so that it doesn't get in the way.
    Check the alignment of the center-lines.

    How to embroider on socks with the help of the special attachment and frame?

    First of all, remember that such a frame should not be set up before switching the machine on. Otherwise, it may have a negative effect on its work.
    Choose a proper hoop size and a design, previously loaded into the machine. Press OK and embroider.
    On completion, unhoop the sock and trim the extra stabilizer.
    - To embroider another sock (the right one differs from the left, as you know), turn it the other way round and embroider on the other side.
    The embroidery is ready.

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