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    How to embroider small items of clothing. Hooping tricks

    How to embroider small items of clothing. Hooping tricks

    Whenever there is a need to embroider small items of clothing, such as future pockets or cuffs, and your machine only has one hoop, these hooping tricks will do the job. There are several ways of hooping a small item, and in this article, I’m describing two of them. Either one will get you a beautiful high-quality embroidery.

    The first way of hooping a small item is to glue it to the tear-away adhesive stabilizer. Just what you need for not-too-heavy designs and small monograms. Adhere the item to the stabilizer and hoop in the usual way; the adhesive will secure the fabric in place and prevent shifting during the embroidery.

    Piece of green checkered fabric on adhesive stabilizer

    Piece of green checkered fabric in the hoop

    Two light-colored monograms on green checkered fabric

    The second way is to hoop the fabric itself. Suitable for smaller and bigger items alike. This is called the fabric extension method. You’ll need a few strips of extra fabric (calico, for example). Stitch them to the main fabric with a straight stitch about 5 mm long.  

    Hoop, green fabric and stabilizer

    Calico strip under presser foot

    Four strips of white calico stitched to green fabric perimeter-wise

    After that, it is advisable to press seams with an iron to make them flatter. Adhere the stabilizer to the wrong side and hoop the item.

    Flat white calico seams

    Adhesive stabilizer glued to the wrong side of the fabric

    Horizontal and vertical axes on green fabric in the hoop

    If you're an owner of a Brother Innov-is le sewing and embroidery machine, you can use the built-in camera for the exact positioning of the design.

    This is very handy whenever the accurate placement of the design is crucial, such as while working with checkered or striped fabrics.

    How to use the built-in camera

    Press the Fabric scan key to view the location of the pressing foot on the LCD screen. Pick one of the positioning stickers that come with the machine and affix it within the embroidery field specified by the machine.  

    Fabric scan in Brother Innov

    Red line marking where the scan starts in Brother Innov machine

    Design placement in Brother Innov


    Take away the sticker and your hands and wait for the machine to perform the scan. Now the pattern can be viewed in the Embroidery Edit screen, allowing for the better positioning of the design on the hooped item.  

    Piece of green fabric with two embroidered monograms in the hoop

    White monograms on green checkered fabric

    When the embroidery is finished, remove the stabilizer leftovers or rip off the extra strips of fabric and iron the item on a soft underlay, right side down.

    Green checkered fabric with embroidery

    Embroidered fabric and ripper

    Monogram embroidery wrong side

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

    Don't forget to buy some lightweight designs from our store! :)

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