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    How to turn a pair of jeans into a bag

    How to turn a pair of jeans into a bag

    Dig an old pair of jeans or velour trousers out of a closet. Done? Now I’ll tell you how to turn them into a bag. Creating a new item out of something that isn’t fashionable anymore or just something you got tired of is a task for a real craftsman (or craftswoman)! This bag can hold all the necessary paraphernalia: knitting needles, knitting threads or an embroidery kit.

    Denim bag for needles and threads


    • A pair of jeans
    • Sewing threads, same color as the stitching on jeans
    • Scissors, pins
    • A piece of cardboard

    How to turn a pair of jeans into a bag. Cutting

    For the job, you’ll need one trouser leg together with the waistband. Measure the length of your future bag, starting at the top hem of the waistband, add 8 cm and draw a mark. You’ll need allowance for the bag bottom. Cut one leg only. Rip the leg seam and also where the zipper is sewn on. Remove the zipper.

    A pair of old jeans

    A piece of old jeans pair

    How to turn a pair of jeans into a bag. Assembling

    Fold the trouser leg with its right side inside, aligning along the side seam. Align the edges, if necessary. Pin the fabric along the side and the bottom seams of the future bag.

    Denim trouser leg inside out

    Piece of denim with pins

    Sew them together with the straight stitch and whip stitch the edge. Join the stitch lines on the side and the bottom seams. Fold them at an angle. Draw the mark from the corner center. Draw a line perpendicular to the corner, it should equal the width of the bag bottom in length.

    Piece of denim under presser foot

    Plastic template on denim piece

    Stitch with straight stitches along the line. Turn the bag the right side out.

    Semi-finished denim bag

    Denim bag the right side out

    Cut out four strips of fabric for the handles. The length and width of the handles should equal their width plus turn-ups. Fold the strips together with their right sides together and stitch along one long side.

    Denim bag strap unstitched

    Denim strap being stitched

    Press open the seam, fold each seam allowance inside and press. Fold the halves of the handles wrong sides inside and secure with pins.

    Denim bag strap inside

    Denim strap almost finished

    Select the triple stitch on your sewing machine. Stitch along the long sides. Whip stitch the short edges. Pin the handles to the top of the bag.

    Sewing stitch chart

    Denim bag strap under preser foot

    Denim bag with pinned strap

    Stitch the handles to the top of the bag, stitching exactly as you did previously. In order to strengthen the bottom of the bag, you can cut a rectangle same size as the bottom out of cardboard.

    Denim bag with strap

    Denim bag for embroidery things

    Your bag is ready!

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

    Edited by Irina

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