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Embroidery on knitwear with the help of organza

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Original text by: Irina Lisitsa

Embroidery on knitwear requires the use of supplementary machine embroidery materials. You have to embroider a knitwear jacket ASAP, but all the specific stabilizers have run out? You may replace them with a piece of cloth that does not stretch, thin organza for example.

Embroidery on knitwear with organza

This method is good for designs with loose fillings or made with columns, because organza will preserve the structure and prevent the stitches sinking into the fabric.

Embroidery on knitwear. Materials:

  • Embroidery threads
  • Machine embroidery design
  • The top stabilizer, a water soluble film
  • Your item
  • A piece of organza, big enough for hooping

Hooping embroidery on knitwear

Embroidery on knitwear. A step by step guide:

Hoop a piece of organza, like you hoop embroidery stabilizers. Spray it with adhesive, then mark the center of your design on an item or fabric.

Hooping fabric piece with spray

Next step hooping organza

Knitwear fabric in hoop

Stick your item on your organza piece. Add a piece of thin water soluble film on the top so that the embroidery on uneven-surfaced knitwear would come out neat, and the stitches wouldn't sink into the fabric. Set you hoops in your machine. Run the basting stitch first: this will join all the layers together and will hold the fabric in place while embroidering. Run the embroidery.

Knitwear with organza and water soluble stabilizer

Step by step guide for knitwear fabric

Hooping knitwear fabric

After the embroidery is completed, remove the basting.

Remove basting stitches

Remove basting stitches in knitwear fabric

Basting stitches on knitwear organza fabric

Tear the water soluble film from the right side of the item and carefully remove the organza pieces between the embroidered objects. The work is done.

Tear water soluble stabilizer on knitwear fabric

Right hooping with water soluble embroidery stabilizer

Your embroidery on knitwear has been completed successfully!

Finish embroidery on knitwear with organza fabric

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