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Giga hoops for outsize embroidery designs



Original text by: Lisa Prass

Every embroidery or sewing and embroidery machine has its maximum embroidery area. The hoops for designs of that size are supplied with the machine. The embroidery process goes like this: you set your hoop and embroider your design from the beginning to the end, not moving the hoop once. Sometimes, the hoop with maximum design area much bigger than specified in the user’s manual also comes with the machine. Such hoops have their own names depending on the brand: jumbo magna hoop, giga hoop, mega hoop. These hoops allow you to embroider designs that exceed the maximum embroidery area. 

Giga hoops for embroidery machines 

All the listed hoops belong either to the multi-position or the rotating hoops. Their primary purpose is to allow the customer to embroider designs exceeding the machine's maximum embroidery area. The embroidery in such hoops is done stage-by-stage, without rehooping the material. 

Multi-position giga hoops 

For embroidery machines with the hoop holder located on the left multi-position hoops are produced. The hoop is located between the holder and the body of the machine, which imposes restrictions on the hoop size. The embroidery area can be increased only lengthwise.

The embroidery usually goes from top to bottom, changing the position of the hoop in the process.

The embroidery process in this hoop goes like this: you set the hoop and embroider one part of your design (marked by the blue dotted line on the photo). Then you change the position of the hoop and embroider the next part (red dotted line), then change the position once more and embroider the last part of your design (green dotted line). There can be from 2 to 4 positions in general. Multi-position hoops are fixed only on one side.


Rotating giga hoops 

Rotating giga hoops are made for embroidery machines with the holder on the right side or at the rear. The embroidery area may be increased both lengthwise and breadthwise, because there is no restriction in the form of the body of the machine. Rotating hoops are fixed in two places (on the right and left). There can be from 2 to 6 positions. The embroidery process goes like this: you set the hoop and do the first part of the design (1). Then the hoop changes its position, and you do the second part of the design (2) After that the hoop rotates, you do the third part of the design (3), then the hoop changes its position, and you do the last part of the design (4).


Machine embroidery designs for giga hoops 

Now a bit about designs. The main problem with the beginners is that buying a giga hoop they think they can take any machine embroidery design that fits giga hoop embroidery area and embroider it. But it turns out that the machine cannot recognize the design.

The key to that problem lies in understanding of this fundamental truth: 

Design that are to be embroidered in the giga hoop must either be split into separate files beforehand or be prepared in machine embroidery design software by the embroiderer himself. 

Some manufacturers make machine embroidery designs for giga hoops, which gives users an opportunity to embroider without doing all the preparations in the embroidery design software. These designs are usually marked "for giga hoops" and have a list of recommendations in their supplementary sheet. 

If you downloaded a design that exceeds the maximum embroidery area of your embroidery machine, but fits the giga hoop, you should use the design editor. 

Every embroidery software has its own ways of splitting the design, and every design must be treated individually. But this will be the topic of some other blog. Meanwhile we invite you to discuss the ways of splitting the designs for giga hoops on our forum.

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