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First steps: Embroidery on terry cloth



Original text by: Irina Lisitsa

Sometimes when I talk to the beginners or those in the process of choosing their first embroidery or sewing and embroidery machine, they ask me if there is a possibility of embroidering on terry cloth. The answer is: yes, but! You must follow the rules. The stitches of the already embroidered design may sink down and be lost in the pile and the thread or the needle may be tangled when embroidering on high speed. The needle breakage may follow, sometimes it may even spoil the embroidery. There are many useful videos on the internet, and I offer you one of them. It is a step-by-step guide, which will help you to understand hooping and embroidery processes even if you are not familiar with the terms. The master-class was done on a sewing-embroidery machine Brother Innov-is V7.



•    180*300 mm hoop 
•    Upper thread 
•    Underthread 
•    Sewing and embroidery marker 
•    Temporary spray adhesive 
•    A terry towel size of 250x500 mm and bigger 
•    Water soluble stabilizer 
•    Non-adhesive cutaway stabilizer 

Embroidery on terry cloth: Tips 

When choosing a design for terry cloth, densely filled ones are preferable. The designs created with straight stitches may be lost in the high pile of the fabric right after the first wash. 

Water soluble stabilizer is used so that the stitches lie flat. It is used as the top stabilizer. 

Water soluble stabilizer comes as the film of varying density. I used dense water soluble film in my master-class, but don't hesitate to use a thin one. After the embroidery is completed, it can be removed more quickly and easily. 

Use a cutaway or a tearaway non-adhesive stabilizer as the underlay. Tearaway stabilizer is better, because it can be removed more quickly after the completion of the embroidery. 

Use printed templates to specify where your design will be placed. You can print your template with the help of PE Design.


Embroidery on terry cloth: First option

1.    Using the printed template, mark the center of the embroidery on the towel.
2.    Add a layer of spray adhesive on the tearaway non-adhesive stabilizer.
3.    Stick your terry towel onto stabilizer.
4.    Put a layer of the water soluble stabilizer on top of it. 
5.    Hoop this 'sandwich', aligning them so that the center mark on the stabilizer is right on top of the center mark on the towel. 
6.    Screw it tightly. 
7.    Set you hoop into your machine. 
8.    Load a machine embroidery design from USB-flash or choose the design from the memory of the sewing-embroidery machine. 
9.    Embroider your design. 
10.    After embroidery is completed, remove the 'sandwich' from the hoop. 
11.    Cut or tear away you underlay. 
12.    Holding the material in place with your hand, tear the stabilizer away. 
13.    To remove the stabilizer between the objects saturate a sponge with water and give a dab. You can wash the ready embroidered item by hand. 


Embroidery on terry cloth: Second option 

1.    Using the printed template, mark the center of the embroidery on the towel. 
2.    Add a layer of spray adhesive on tearaway non-adhesive stabilizer. 
3.    Hoop your stabilizer and screw tightly. 
4.    Stick your terry towel onto the stabilizer. 
5.    Put the water soluble stabilizer on top of it. 
6.    Secure the towel and water soluble stabilizer with pins. 
7.    Set you hoop into your machine and embroider the design.
8.    After the embroidery is completed, remove the top stabilizer and the underlay. 


See the video here

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