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Machine embroidery stabilizers: Hooping Filmoplast



Master-class by: Irina Lisitsa

Beginner owners of embroidery machines are at a loss when overlooking the vast majority of stabilizers. This series of master-classes will teach you the basic rules of hooping of various types of stabilizers. After having read this you will be able to hoop an adhesive stabilizer (Filmoplast) in the right way. This type of stabilizer allows you to secure fabric with a layer of adhesive. Works good for fabrics of high and medium density, and also fabrics that cannot be hooped, like leather, chamois and coated materials.

How to hoop Filmoplast

We will need:

  • Hoop&
  • Filmoplast stabilizer
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Put the stabilizer with its paper layer facing up. Mark the borders of the hoop.

filmoplast stabilizer material

Cut a piece of stabilizer, using the marking on the paper layer.

Put filmoplast on table

Put it on the outer ring with the paper layer facing up.

Compare filmoplast piece size and hoop

Put the inner ring onto the stabilizer and press it down.

Put filmoplast stabilizer in hoop

Pull the edges of the stabilizer to smooth it out. Screw your hoop tightly.

Filmoplast in hoop

Put the plastic template on the hoop and mark the borders of embroidery area with a marker.

Mark in hoop

Outline the borders of embroidery area with a marker or use the markings on the stabilizer.

Mark outline in filmoplast

With the sharp end of scissors cut the paper layer along the lines.

Cut paper layer

Take off the paper layer of stabilizer, to free the sticky side.

Remove paper layer

Stick your fabric onto it.

Stick fabric in hoop

Embroider your design.

Embroidering design

When the embroidery is completed, take the embroidery design off the stabilizer.

Remove filmoplast from hoop

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