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How Using the Ruler in digitizing software

Used Sierra Embroidery Software version 11.

Using the Ruler to measure distances and angles


This tool allows measuring the distance, angle and coordinate differences between two points on the work window, no matter what scale you are visualizing a machine embroidery design.

Next we will show an example of how to use the measure tool:

Load a embroidery design. On the “View” ribbon; “Tools” group, click on the “Measure” tool.


The mouse cursor will turn into a little ruler.

1º Click the mouse left button on the first point, marked as (1) and without releasing it, move the mouse to the second point (2).


During this movement, the system presents information about the distance and angle of the reference traced on the work window.

2º In the capture below, the measurement made over the object, has a value of 80 mm. and an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal.


To exit the Measure mode, press the ESC key.


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