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Digitizing: Kerning part 2

Spacing Manual

There are also option to space on the whole word instead of one letter at a time. This can be done by two methods.

Spacing Setting

When you need to double space an entire word or make reduce the space on the entire word you can use the option for text editing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The spacing can be used linear environment this allows you to use negative numbers to make the text closer together or a positive number to make the text further away.

I often use this method of kerning to get the approximate distance and resort to kerning by grabbing the nodes to get precise placement.


Sometimes when using these tools it will cause the letters to jump out of place depending on the font so it takes some practice when using the tools.

Kerning Arrows

In some words you may need to make minor adjustments on editing the spacing , on your keyboard you will have the following symbols , <> Less than and Greater than signs, You can use these to push a letter closer or further apart.


NOTE: With the monogram fonts this is the only method of spacing the letters so getting used to it will help you with your monogram fonts.

To space a letter by 1 position put your cursor in the top text box in between the two letters you want a bit more space, than click on your greater than " > " on your key board to add the spaces you need.

This takes a bit of practice, so watch the video and then practice how to use this tool. It can be very useful in your arsenal for editing and matching text.



Monogram Fonts

The kerning of fonts above with the greater or less than symbols also will work on your monogram fonts as there are no kerning beads associated with monogram fonts.


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