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EOD 11: Hiding a Thread Color using the Color Bar

Used Sierra Embroidery Office 11.40 embroidery digitizing software.

There's a direct way of hiding one or more colors from the working window. Once you disable a color, all the sections that have this color, will be hidden on the working window. This document will show you how to disable one or more colors.

Follow these steps:

1. The capture below shows a design that uses four thread colors. The color bar shows that the four colors used have a little white dot inside their corresponding color box.


2. To hide a color, right click over it on the color bar. On the capture below we have hidden colors 2 and 3. A cross over them indicate that such colors have been disabled (hidden). Right click over any cross to enable the color again and show the corresponding sections on the working window.


In the capture below we see the result of having hidden colors 1, 2 and 3.

3. Right click over each hidden color to see it again on also the corresponding sections on the screen.



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