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"Hoja" showcases a technique used for irregular mix of colors, achieved by overlapping Fill Patterns with different levels of Density and Jagged Edges, and some Running Stitches. With 118 sections and 4 colors, this simple design took a little over an hour to complete.

General Design Details

We digitized “Hoja” manually, using the 006.bmp file as artwork. We tried to keep the overall size to approximately 90 x 126 mm

(3½” wide by 5” tall). To create the leaf veins we basically used Satin Stitch columns and some Running Stitch Paths in color 4 (dark brown).

Just three Area

Fill sections in color 1 (light brown) make up the overall base layers for the leaf, over which we digitized some Running Stitches and Areas in color 2 (khaki) to add some shading effects and highlights. Finally, we created some Areas in color 3 (medium brown) for the stem, also adding some irregularity to the mix of colors. The picture shows the sequence we followed to digitize this design, which does not necessarily reflect the final sewing sequence, rearranging it upon design completion.


Effects for irregular mix of colors

To achieve the effects desired for an irregular mix of colors, we first created the Area Fill sections that will constitute the base color. We

then digitized over these sections other Area Fills with Jagged Edges and less Density than the base one, also adding a few Running Stitch Paths to give some highlights to the definition lines. Much of this effect would be lost if inadequate colors were to be used. Best results are obtained when using varying shades of a same color for the leaf layers, rather than different colors.

This picture shows the sections that create the irregular mix of colors on the right portion of the leaf. Section 2 (light brown), the base layer for that area


Section 2 (light brown), the base layer for that area of the design, was digitized as a Area Fill section with regular Density (5 lines/mm).

On top of this you will find sections 28 and 29 (medium brown), which are also Area Fill sections, although with a considerably lower Density (1.67 lines/mm) than that of the base layer, and they also have Jagged Edges on, with a 40% setting.

The Running Stitch Path in the khaki color (section 7) adds the highlights along the edges of that area.

The sections above described have been created with these parameters:


For the Path section we set the stitch type to Running Stitches, with a single pass and a Stitch Length of 1.7 mm.

Notice the results achieved after applying the described settings to this geometry of sections.


Additional Information

Suggested Colors

This chart shows the Pantone values for the colors we suggest for this machine embroidery design:




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