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City and country .. New embroidery designs for your living room . 
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Paris, Girl and bicycle

You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs
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      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community.   11/10/2015

      Attention . If you have any problems with the registration in the community. For new and existing members of our community. Please read post bellow. We have new website for the community free designs. Sign up in over top right ... click on that then click on 'Sign in (Pic #2), fill in your login name (or  e-mail) and password and sign in ...
      Pic #3  shows top right where it gives no indication that you are actually signed in except for the icon below my arrow. Hopefully Igor will clean this area up and make it darker and give better indication that we are actually signed in ... it would also appear that even if you are signed in on the main site, you have to sign in again for the community ... ... however if you tick the right boxes in both you will stay signed in (fingers crossed) Special thanks to Margaret Nelson for help  
    • diver361

      Add Photos to your Gallery   11/13/2015

      We would like to thank you for choosing OUR embroidery designs for your next project. When you are using our designs in your embroidery or garment embellishment please share your ideas, techniques, projects and photos of your final product with us. You can publish these photos in your personal album on our page here (insert a link on how to set up a personal album) or in the Support page here (How i can publish the photos) if you don’t have one as yet. It is fascinating for other novice users of embroidery to see what is possible to achieve with different embroidery designs and most importantly publishing photos and projects will earn YOU one free bonus design for EACH successfully published photo! Please note that free designs are only available to the paid site customers. Add your photos here.
    • diver361

      VP4 PFAFF embroidery format   03/30/2016

      For files uploaded after 29.03.2015 added support new machine embroidery format -VP4. This format for new PFAFF embroidery machines and software PREMIER+.

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  4. Bunny and gift embroidery design

    This photo is the fragment of decoration of silk gift bag for little children. It is the pretty small rabbit which is keeping the big gift in red box in its paws. Little rabbit with Christmas gift free embroidery design is an unusual but very cute symbol of coming Christmas and New Year. The embroidery sample is added by the thematic inscription and the name of future owner of the gift.
  5. Embroidered gift bags Bunny and box

    This is the picture of pretty gift bags used in accordance with its designation. Each of them is added with the name of future owner and Little rabbit with Christmas gift free embroidery design. The elements of the bags are executed with the same red and white colors as the embroidery sample. It creates the very thoughtful and harmonious design of the whole work piece. The bags are already filled!
  6. Embroidered gift case Bunny and box

    There are two pretty silk bags designed for the Christmas and New Year gifts for children. They are personalized so each of them is added by the name of future owner. The other element of their decoration is Little rabbit with Christmas gift free embroidery design. The figure of small bunny with big box is executed in red and white color scheme. It is perfectly combines with the shades of details of the bags.
  7. This funny white cushion is the memorable souvenir designed for the birthday of little boy. So its surface contains all the important information about this event: the baby’s weight, height, time of birth and name. The little cute detail of this work piece is Bunny carrot and butterfly embroidery design. It is the picture of merry little rabbit which is hugging the carrot. All the elements of this cushion are executed with bright colors.
  8. This photo shows the little owner of nice terry towel of soft fabric. It is executed in gentle pink shade which is very suitable for the little girl with beautiful name embroidered on the towel. The other elements of its design are floral ornament and the figure of Teddy bear wrapped into fluffy towel. Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design is one of the best ideas for this cute towel.
  9. Embroidered baby towel Teddy bear

    There is the pretty terry towel for the baby to wrap after bathing. It is executed from soft pink fabric because it is designed for the little girl with beautiful name. The decoration of the towel consists of floral ornament, the name of its owner and the figure of Teddy bear after bathing. Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design is the main cute detail of this nice terry towel.
  10. This is the close up plan of Autumn leaves machine embroidery design at simple knitted sweater. It allows to examine this beauty sample in all its smallest details. You may see that each leave on this image is the unique work piece which seems to be made from the thinnest lace. Leaves executed with natural colors are the real jewelries of the autumn. When they overlap with each other the colors mixed creating new ones.
  11. Embroidered sweater Autumn leaves

    This simple knitted sweater of light grey color becomes the very unique clothing due to the small but beautiful detail on its front side. It is the sample made on the base of Autumn leaves machine embroidery design. This elegant and graceful sample is executed with the thread of nice natural colors which perfectly conveys all the beauty of the autumn. The picture is made in special manner which reminds the lace.
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  13. Cute small dog free embroidery design

    Moc děkuji za krásnou výšivku.
  14. There is the pretty set for newborn baby. It includes three items made from two kinds of fabric. One of them is soft terry fabric of beautiful turquoise color. It is added by the white waffle cloth. This background is used as the base for Rainbow unicorn machine embroidery design. It is the head of fantastic animal with spiral horn on its forehead. It has the fluffy mane of all the colors of the rainbow.
  15. Two penguins embroidery design

    There is the final stage of the work on pretty Christmas embroidery sample. Here you can see the couple of cute penguins which try to protect from winter cold with the one huge warm scarf. The figures of birds on Penguin's Christmas time embroidery design are dressed in traditional color scheme which is based on red and white colors. Despite the cold weather they are merry because Christmas is coming.
  16. It is the nice set for newborn baby. It consists of some items executed from thin terry fabric of gentle pink shade and white waffle cloth. The highlight of this set is Shy teddy bear machine embroidery design. Here you can see the pretty Teddy bear girl which is looking at the small snail. It is keeping its favorite toy behind its back. The bear girl is wearing the cute polka dot dress.
  17. This picture shows the process of work on the special Christmas embroidered picture. It is made on the base of Snowmen meet the New year machine embroidery design. But the author a bit changed the color scheme of the original picture. This picture used just three main colors — they are white, red and golden. This combination looks very festive and thoughtful creating the good Christmas mood for all people around.
  18. Embroidered bag Two snowmen

    This is the nice textile bag decorated in Christmas style. It is executed from practical dark cotton fabric with quilted stitches. But its main highlight is Snowmen meet the New year machine embroidery design. It is the picture of two funny snowmen made in traditional white and red color scheme. It is perfectly combines with the lining of this bag which also has bright red background with small white ornament.
  19. This is the funny Christmas picture which is the great option for decoration of textile for this famous holiday. No matter whether it is cloth or bag, the man with the good sense of humor will definitely value this solution. Snowmen meet the New year machine embroidery design is the picture of two snowmen dressed in winter style. They are ready to decorate the Christmas tree with cookies and leaves which are in their hands.
  20. There is the pretty set of three embroidered Christmas souvenirs made from light knitted fabric of snowy white shade. Each of these work pieces are embellished with the suitable silk band and embroidery sample. For example the right one is decorated with Christmas bell free embroidery design while the item in the middle uses Christmas tree machine embroidery design. The intensive colors chose for these souvenirs look even more brightly at the white background.
  21. This is the nice trendy pillow which is able to embellish any interior. It is executed from beautiful shiny atlas of deep dark color which is decorated with Dreamcatcher embroidery design. This embroidered picture is the traditional symbol which reminds the girl’s head with fluffy hair at the same time. Bright colors used for execution of this sample look even more intensive on the rich color of the pillow’s fabric.
  22. Embroidered towels Christmas cat

    There is the set of two terry towels which together are the nice gift for Christmas. Each of them is decorated with Christmas cat embroidery design. It is the face of serious cat which looks so funny in traditional Christmas red cap and polka dot bow of the same color. The color scheme chosen for this embroidered picture looks very brightly on the snowy white background. The sample is added by the suitable inscription.
  23. Embroidered towel Christmas cat

    This is the nice textile Christmas gift prepared with the love and attention for the addressee. The simple white terry towel becomes unique work piece due to the Christmas cat embroidery design. It is the face of the mustachioed cat in traditional Christmas cap and red bow made from polka dot fabric. The embroidered picture is added with the suitable inscription with wishes of Merry Christmas for the future owner of this gift.
  24. This is one of the angles of pretty textile box prepared as the Christmas gift. It is made from dark fabric with the light border with small colored flowers. Its front side is decorated with thematic embroidery based on the scheme of Dwarves machine embroidery design. There are three funny dwarves which are dressed in funny caps. Each of them has fluffy white beard, warm mittens and good Christmas mood.
  25. Embroidered box Christmas dwarves

    This is the pretty textile basket which is suitable for keeping any little accessories — from jewelry to puzzles. It is decorated in Christmas style. The whole picture on its front side is executed on the base of Dwarves machine embroidery design. There are three figures of funny dwarves wearing nice caps on their heads. Each of them chose his beloved color of the cap: left one wears blue with stripes, one in the middle has red cap and right one is in green with polka dot.
  26. There is the set of different samples for the people who are preparing for Christmas! On the bottom of this photo you may see the ready embroidered picture made on the base of scheme of Dwarves machine embroidery design. There are three merry little men with fluffy beards who are ready to meet Christmas. Left one keeps the bright lamp in his hands to light the night dark and the right one already has the gift for his friend.
  27. Сhristmas dwarves embroidery design

    There is the nice embroidery sample which shows three merry dwarves dressed in winter style. Each of them has his own nice cap and each of these caps has its own color: they are blue with stripes, red and green polka dot. The little men at Dwarves machine embroidery design are ready to meet Christmas: they combed their fluffy beards and one of them already prepared the gift for his friend. The dwarves’ figures look very brightly on the dark background.
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