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Beautiful design, Morning owl look amazing.

This embroidery work up perfectly and stitch out nicely. 
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Excellent stitches and original style

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Loving birds.. Wonderful designs, stitched out beautifully

Really cute, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs.
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Our designs looks great

Stitched out beautifully! Wonderful decoration!
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Adorable design. Stitches out beautifully.

"Thanks so much for this design It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
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    Habe es für eine Nähfreundin gestickt und daraus einen Schlüsselanhänger genäht. Das Motiv ist ganz perfekte Arbeit.
  5. Samg

    Spooler in software

    These are some old posts but thought I'd try. We use the design spooler with a NEO via serial cable connection. Normally it works fine. However, occasionally after it sews a "sent" design, it immediately starts sewing on a previous design. It's like a ghost. I saw the comment above about the download count. I checked ours and it is blank. I'll try setting it to 1 but anybody have other thoughts ? Sam
  6. Thank you very much for this beautiful embroidery design
    I love cats so delighted with this embroidery design, thank you very very much
    Thank you very much for this beautiful embroidery design of a lady sewing.
    Thank you very much for this beautiful lady with the umbrellaembroidery design
    Thank you very much for this boy on the moon beautiful embroidery design
    I love cats, big ones, small ones, all sorts of cats, so this will be a nice addition to my collection, thank you so much
    I have a friend who loves owls, so i think that i will put these one on a tea towel for her, thank you very much
    I have seen that one about, and now i will be able to do one for myself, thank you very much
    thank you for this very different looking cat i look forward embroidering it out
    Thank you very much for this beautiful cats embroidery design
  7. klfrench54

    Christmas Dreaming

    Very pretty designs You are talented.
    So beautiful for winter tea time. Sure, i'll embroid it for last winter. Thank you very much.
    Thank you very much for this very beautiful embroidery.
  8. How do you machine embroider on pockets?? without removing them??? and also on children's socks.. is there a special frame for it?
  9. Hi I am looking for a card reader and card which would be compatible to use on my Brother Innovis 440e embroidery machine. All help is welcome, thank you
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