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    Love it! Love farm animals!
    super-Thank you
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  5. View File Christmas dog free embroidery design Size: 3.67 x 5.15' Author: Krochin Submitter diver361 Submitted 09/23/2021 Category Christmas  
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    Size: 3.67 x 5.15' Author: Krochin
  7. If you purchased and registered your Sai, your dealer should have obtained a password for you for the Sai Users site, where you download the full Writers Plus software - not the trial version - as well as manuals and video tutorials. It’s included as part of your purchase. I'm a newbie so I can’t answer your specific question myself but I will look if I can find something in the manual to help. You might try contacting Juki / Tajima for a password if your seller can’t help. Good luck!
  8. View File Napkin decor element free embroidery design 1 Size: 4.41 x 13.87 Auhor: Viki 21 Submitter diver361 Submitted 09/21/2021 Category Lace and FSL  
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    Size: 4.41 x 13.87 Auhor: Viki 21
  10. I like photo-stitch. It's nice that we can download the design in 2 sizes. Many thanks!
  11. Wirklich süß. Dankeschön
  12. Version Any popular formats


    Size 1: 7.72 x 5.16' Size 2: 10.19 x 7.29' Author: Zabava
  13. View File Angels free embroidery design Size 1: 7.72 x 5.16' Size 2: 10.19 x 7.29' Author: Zabava Submitter diver361 Submitted 09/19/2021 Category Photo stitch  
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  15. I have a Brother PE800 embroidery machine, and I am working on putting a logo on a 100% Polyester Polo Shirt. I practiced the logo twice on a cotton swatch and had no issues but once I started on the polo the top thread keeps breaking no matter the tension I have it on. Now my needle has fallen off and bent and I am so frustrated! Heellppp Plleaase!
  16. No , only for Windows. But MAC have emulation function.
  17. View File TEDDY FUN THIS IS A VERY SIMPLE DESIGN TEDDY Submitter zeenathlavanya Submitted 09/16/2021 Category Cartoon  
  18. Version 1.0.0


    hola estoy empezando en esta materia y necesito una guía de programas para Mac y mi maquina es juki y no logro bajar programas, será que alguien me puede ayudar. gracias por la aplicación-
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