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You favorite embroidery thread  

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  1. 1. What's Your Favorite Embroidery Thread?

    • Admelody
    • BFC
    • Brildor
    • Floriani
    • FuFu
    • Gutermann
    • Gunold
    • Isacord
    • Madeira
    • MTB
    • Outback Embroidery
    • Radiant rayon
    • RAL
    • Wonderfil
    • Viking
    • Sulky
    • Coats
    • Aurifil
    • Anchor
    • Marathon
    • Brother
    • Hemingworth
    • Janome
    • Mettler
    • Tristar
    • Robison-Anton
  2. 2. Type of embroidery thread

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We would also appreciate suggestions for all-purpose machine embroidery thread - for embroidery projects, pillows, quilt, crafts, etc. Thanks very much for your input! 

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I only use the Isacord

I have all colors including neon colors and those that glow in the dark. There are the treads "kaleidoscope" I have in another brand because Isacord is not.

I tested several brands and it's really the Isacord my favorite. In strength as color choices

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So far I have only used Madiera rayon and florianni polyester. I was having trouble with both of them breaking but the florianni was breaking the most. Today I tried all the usual changes including putting a new needle on and for whatever reason it worked beautifully! I finished the project I was on with no more thread breaks and completed the next one without a break the entire project! Hurrah!!! 

I am looking forward to see what others suggest for all purpose too.

I have a Pfaff embroidery machine.

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