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What Are The Benefits Of Using Magnetic Embroidery Hoops?

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It’s a faster and simpler hooping process. I usually take a lot of time to align everything, and even when I finally succeed in joining the pieces of the embroidery hoop together, my alignment often gets disturbed. With a magnetic hoop, I don’t have to put in as much effort.
Additionally, it requires less strength to use a magnetic hoop, as compared to a regular one. With a regular hoop, it’s easy to apply too much force, which can result in the hoop breaking. However, the magnets in a magnetic hoop are strong enough to hold bulky items in place, even through layers of fabric and stabilizer.
Using a magnetic hoop also eliminates the need for adhesives. Although I like using a sticky back tearaway stabilizer, it’s more expensive than a regular tearaway stabilizer. Spray adhesives often create a mess, which I try to avoid. With a magnetic hoop, I can hold everything together without using any sticky substances.
Moreover, a regular embroidery hoop may cause a hoop burn, leaving a permanent impression on the item you’re embroidering. This occurs when you force the fabric to bend to fit it between the two hoops. Magnetic hoops eliminate this problem.
Finally, you can embroider all the way to the end of the fabric. You can secure just two or more sides of your project in the hoop and leave a raw edge exposed. Assuming your design is lined up correctly, you can embroider all the way to the edge.

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