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Hi I am about to check out and love your site. Right now I am on my iPad ordering as I could not get to you on my lap top no matter how hard I tried. I would put in embroideries.com and it would take me to other sites. After an hour I gave up and went back to my iPad. And registered with you. My hope is that you will send my order to my e-mail so I can download it using flash drive as obviously my iPad has no flash drive support. By the way I love your site. My format is pes. My friend will be so happy when I give him a hat with the Harvey Davidson logo embroidery design. I am disabled and go to an adult daycare where they play bingo and give prizes. Mainly collected from the staffs hand me downs. So I've been embroidering coasters hats, placemats, and they think it's Christmas LOL but there's not a lot for the men so thanks again for the Harley logo and free embroidery designs. And now I just hope I can check out and get them e-mail. I am not to computer smart so need the easy way lol so thanks again. 

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no worries, we sent yuor order as attach via e0mail.

You order designs available for download. Just need only back  and

for download you order design.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. 

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I have viewed the video and read FAQ and still cannot download the color charts. When I downloaded the first time I did not have a check mark in front of "Color chart PDF". Now that I've put the check mark there it still will not download.


Please choose also JPG color chart.

Just need choose color charts formats in Order Dowтload page. For help please read this topic http://embroideres.com/forum/topic/481-correct-thread-color/ 

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