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Santa Claus hardanger free embroidery design 1

An original project for lovers of embroidery without fabric - FSL. Yes, this is not very simple Santa's embroidery. But if you are ready to learn and master new technologies, this design is for you. With your creative abilities you will amaze everyone who sees this realized project. It will be a great Christmas table decoration.

Size: 4.17 x 5.91'

Author Lyubov1401 



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  • 2 months later...

This Santa is one of the "BEST" embroidery designs I have ever run across.  I have stitched it and it stitched "PERFECT".  It turned out so so pretty.  I'm sure I will use it many times in the future.

Thank you "test5" for posting it for the rest of us to use.

Fran in VA

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  • 9 months later...

This design was done the "BEST" I have ever seen. It was fun to do. Where can you purchase some more of your work? Does anyone no her web site? Wish you could let me know if anyone know the person that did this , looking to purchase some more of her work! 

Jeanette in VA

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