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How to convert .ai and .eps into .dst,.sew and .jeff?

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I am searching for free software website for the purpose to change my vector art from .ai, .eps or other preparation in to sewing machine setups such as .jeff, .sew, .dst and many more.

I heard about wilcom which is awesome but costly. I want to try this out and to perform customs designs for family and friends.

Hey, I am searching for help.

And, can you help in operating with illustrator, fireworks and Photoshop or other program?

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This equation is quite common. This is probably can be label as advanced software. But you can take benefit from Coral Draw. It is cheaper than Wilcom.

Certain businesses houses also propose facility if you do not want to purchase your own software.

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Wilcom and Pulse have “viewer” form software as a freeware. This can be helpful in viewing and resizing embroidery stitches.

If you are facing problem in changing .ai or Coral Draw file into .dst and .pof file then send it to me. I am going to help you.

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Yet you find many free files on the internet but you would be facing with limited learning curve.  Based on my 2 years learning experience on using artwork it is slightly difficult if you are using for the first time. I hope this will help you in converting 

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Hey, I know very new software called Power Stitch. This might not be rather good news for users. Since, most of the software runs in windows.

Programmed vector conversation software every time has some quality issues.

You should know the stitching and its types that are crucial in producing quality embroidery.  In $2000 you can get power stitch.

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Haha! I do not know any free embroidery designing software till date being in this industry for so many years. 
This digitizing software is specially designed to professional users not basically for general public. It is costly for general people.

Changing.dst to .eps you can figure out with free Tajima Ambassador Files for the purpose to play with embroidery designs.

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Hey, do you want a way to open dst file and then export to computer i.e JPG file? Yup! It can be done but there won’t be such quality in picture as it has been transferred from vector files. Due to its blunt nature, it won’t give awesome outputs when it is used in business cards.

.dst file is found in stitches and when it is printed it comes on form of stitches. But, you won’t get in a rigid line.

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I am quoting here another way: Just go to internet and download ambassador and try to open .dst file and then zoom to largest resolution “window” and then use “print screen “ to save view to the clipboard file as jpeg. Go to clipboard and open as new in Corel photopiantor Photoshop.

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This software does not exist. There are special programs that allow you to create an embroidery machine design using the image as the basis. There are professional and home. The choice depends on your budget. There are also freebies.

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There's nothing good for free but I know someone that can help you with digitizing and sewing problems, Try Embroideres they have helped me many times great guys, and there's many more that you can go to like his digitizing service like their great too.

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