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I have used the embroidery features and am having a lot of fun. I would like to add fonts and am very confused as to what I need or how to do it. I do not have a Janome dealer close by. Can I simply download fonts onto a CF card or do I need some kind of embroidery software on my laptop? How basic (and inexpensive) can I go to start with? I've read alot on the forums and I have not seen this question. The former owner is not available for questions, either.

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If you want to create new fonts, then you will need a digitizer. Then you can do almost anything. To get an idea of what the software does, go to YouTube and search for Sunset Stitches. Trevor does great tutorials that will give you some idea.

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The machine itself has 3 built in fonts in the embroidery mode that you can just type and then put in the edit screen. To do anything elaborate you'd need at least Digitizer Jr (about $400+) There are loads of free programs that you can see and change formats (in case you had a design that wasn't .jef) Wilcom makes one. Good luck

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Can I just put the alphabet on the CF card and pick each letter as a design? Do I have to have a digitizer just to download a couple of fonts? Do I have to have the card writer if my computer takes a CF card? 

As you can tell, I am totally ignorant about anything that isn't in the basic manual. 

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 If you don't want to spend quite that much there is Digitizer Jr. I don't know how many digitized fonts are in it but I expect a few more than what you have. Since I don't own Digitizer Jr., I can't tell you what it has, but it is upgradeable to the full version when you might like to do that. 

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I just purchased the Janome Digitizer Jr. V4.0. I would like to import my fonts that I have purchased as the jef format. Can someone help me. I would like step by step if you can do that. I have the new purchased fonts in a folder on my desktop and they are shown as a digitizer icon. But I can bring the fonts to the program to type in works. It only comes up one letter at a time. Please help!! frustrated! :(

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