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I am new here, and new to machine embroidery. I was just given a pfaff embroidery machine. I am interested in getting software to digitize my own designs but I am not sure which one to get. I have software that can resize designs, but it won't let me import my own designs to digitize them. Can anyone give me some recommendations. I really don't want to spend thousands. Thanks!

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I have just bought a PFAFF Creative 1.5, and was looking for embroidery software with capability to digitize own designs. Since I already spend quite some money on the machine, I wanted free software if possible. Most of the free software seems to only be able to adjust finished designs, flip, resize etc. 

But then I found Inkstich. It digitizes vector designs. It is a plugin for Inkscape - an open source vector illustration software where you make your own vector designs, producing svg files (comparable to Adobe Illustrator). You can then digitize your designs in InkStich. It exports to most of the common embroidery file formats.

After a couple of days experimenting with the software, conquering some error messages, having got really good help from quality youtube videos,  I have learned a lot, and am managing to have designs digitized. Still have a lot to learn though. But it's starting to get fun. I haven't embroidered my designs yet, but they look good in the built in simulator.

So if you want free embroidery software, I believe this is a good choice.

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InkStich works very well.
Use Inkscape 1.0.1 and integrate the InkStitch Extension. It is more stable then the 0.92 versions.

To install InkStich ist not complicated. Just copy the complete content of the downloaded file into the Extensions directory of Inkscape.


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