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Looking for software that doesn't break the bank

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I am looking for a digitizing software to embroider and applique designs from clip art. Mainly my work shirts, lol. I was looking at Embrillance however it looks like I may have to invest in many modules to just get to that. I had a program for my old singer machine that worked great but I misplaced it. I now have a Brother machine so I need to digitize to a PES file. Open to any constructive suggestions. 


Thanks Ladies

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On 1/2/2019 at 7:08 PM, mamabear315 said:

I am looking for a digitizing software to embroider

Thanks Ladies

If you're planning on doing very much machine embroidery you might want to invest in a software program. They're not cheap,
Personally, I prefer Embird - it allows you to combine, resize, and split designs as well as add lettering and save designs. It's very user friendly. In fact, I use it more than I do the expensive 4D Software program for my Viking machines. You can download it and use it for one month free.
It's more expensive than Embrilliance, though. BuzzEdit v3 might be cheaper, but I just can't stand it personally. Here you can find a comparison.
There is also Hatch, that have similar functions and does have a 30 days trial.
upd: also, about Hatch - it  has quilt, applique, cross stitch and even photo stitch. By default Hatch saves files as EMB, but it works with PES as well.  But from my experience, if you're using Windows, Embird should be the best option.
If you're using Mac - then Embrilliance might suit you better.

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How much new can be found on this forum! I'm only at the beginning of the embroidery path and just choose which embroidery machine to buy for me. But it is very motivating when you know what cool things you can do when you receive training and some practice.

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