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Hi guys
I am a bit confused by so many versions of Wilcom embroidery software. Its frustrating and difficult to get the pricing - I want to know: What's the difference between various 'Levels' of Embroidery Studio E2? Which level is the best for any home based business. What's the price of various levels? Does this software appear in second hand market? If yes, what disadvantages are there of purchasing 2nd hand?
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you've got the Wilcom software for your upgrade or its new?  you get four packages, lettering, Editing, DecoStudio asd well as EmbroideryStudio. If you want digitising Then you need is EmbroideryStudio. The all new E3 contains every feature to create logos.

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You can urchase the second hand software be sure its legal and you can do this by seeing dongle number with the Wilcom first. If its ES2009 or some older then it no longer supports and can become problematic on any newer operating system.

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I think your CorelDraw will conflict with Wilcom if you have version 6. your going to have to uninstall your version 6 and use the Wilcom's CorelDraw within the program. i believe only E3 supports version 6. I could be wrong if they fixed the bug.
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Wilcom is on sale. Today is the last day. $1495 instead of $5000 for the basic one. Just bought it last week. Better call them and order it today if you want the special. You also don't have to trade in your old program either. Best deal ever. We bought 3 basic users and one full version.
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I picked up ES3 Designing at the end of December from Wilcom America for $1,500 plus they threw in outlines and 4 months same as cash to pay for it. They said I had to send my copy of Sierra but no RMA came in my box as they said it would. I love it. 

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