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Beautiful design, Morning owl look amazing.

This embroidery work up perfectly and stitch out nicely. 
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Excellent stitches and original style

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Loving birds.. Wonderful designs, stitched out beautifully

Really cute, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs.
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Our designs looks great

Stitched out beautifully! Wonderful decoration!
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Adorable design. Stitches out beautifully.

"Thanks so much for this design It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
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    This is side view of nice leather cover prepared by Leather Idea. It let us see what is inside. It is clear that there are some sheets of clean paper. So it is notepad or writing pad for sketches, notes, rhymes or something else. But you also may use this idea for your own work piece such as cover for passport or book. Its front side is decorated by Indian skull embroidery design.
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    This is pretty soft terry towel prepared by Kreativnaya Shtuchka as gift for Valentine’s day or any other romantic date for two people in love. It is made as original reminder about love feelings expressed in one short phrase. It is added by I Will Take Away Your Heart - I Will Not Return embroidery design. It is silhouette of young woman with heart in her hands.
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    Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Size: 2.89 x 2.89'
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    This is practical and convenient case which can be used both for dioptric and sunglasses. Here you can see example of usage of this work piece. Its front side is decorated with Glass barcode free machine embroidery design. This thematic sample is one of best solutions for such accessory. Please note the interesting color accents of it: zip and one detail of embroidery has same bright color.
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    This is nice embroidered set dedicated for first and so important events in life of little boy. It consists of two items. One of them is embroidered picture in frame: it has all necessary information about his birth. Second one is little textile bag prepared for his first curl of hair. Both of them are decorated with same sample. It is Bear's birthday machine embroidery design.
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    This is nice embroidered cushion which was prepared as memorable souvenir for birth of little girl. It is executed in traditional girls’ color scheme based on different shades of pink. There is all important information about this event such as date, time of birth, girl’s name and even sigh on Zodiac. Work piece is decorated with Pink unicorn machine embroidery design . This fantastic creature will definitely gives luck for this baby.
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    This is original pillowcase for interior cushion which will make your home more interesting. It is able to inspire you to travelling, dreaming and getting adventures. It is possible due to combination of unusual fabric with cosmos print, empowering message on pillowcase’s front side and Rose of Winds free embroidery design. Together they create cool design which will be your reminder about value of life.
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    Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 7.79 x 13.59'
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    It is the simple but very elegant small pillow of white fabric. The reason of the main part of its charm is the face of taciturn strong tiger with bright green eyes. It is made in accordance with scheme of White tiger embroidery design. It is quite simple even for the beginners: there are just some black lines to make its portrait and small area of dense embroidery for the eyes.
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    It is the gift towel in the stylish grey box. But the main adornment of this gift is not the box but the expressive picture of splendid pink rose blooming in all its beauty. Mega Rose embroidery design is an excellent embroidery sample for decoration which shows the love and good wishes from the person who prepares this gift. It can be decorated with the memorable inscription for addressee.
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    There is original backpack made of soft nubuck. It is original accessory which will attract much attention everywhere you will wear it. It is because of original shape, pleasant material and interesting embroidery sample on its cover. It is Dream time embroidery design. This is silhouette of beautiful girl with fluffy hair dress and big earrings. It looks very excited. Author: Leather idea
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    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.28 x 14.88'
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    On this picture you see two original and cool covers executed from natural leather. Each of them has interesting design and decorated with suitable metal furniture. They have identical form but different colors and embroidery samples used for its decoration. They are Indian skull embroidery design and Owl dreamcatcher embroidery design. Both pictures look very nice and attractive on these work pieces.
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    This is funny pillowcase designed especially for room of child with great fantasy. It looks like illustration for interesting fairy tale about lucky girl who could reach sky and sit on cloud. It is I can't sleep embroidery design. Your child will definitely see magic dreams sleeping on this original and beautiful pillow. You don’t need to ask him or her to go to bed more. Author: Maria Stiansen
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    This picture let us explore this wonderful leather cover suitable for passport or any other document. Close up plan give the possibility to see all smallest details. You may look at contrast stitches at lace of binding and natural ornament of durable leather. But its main highlight is definitely Not All Who Wander Are Lost embroidery design. Author: Leather idea
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    This is cool leather cover created by Leather idea for notepad. But you also can use this idea for other things such as passport, other documents, book or even tablet PC. Front side of this nice work piece is decorated by Dreamcatcher wolf embroidery design. It is original sample raising associations with culture of Native Americans. It is making with just one color of thread.
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    This is stylish leather cover executed to protect your documents from occasional stains and damage. But you also can create same work piece for your book or even tablet PC. Durable dark surface is decorated with Compass dreamcatcher embroidery design. This picture is executed with contrast thread. Such solution makes entire accessory very interesting and original but convenient at same time.
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    This is cool set of textile décor for your home. At first glance these dwarves seems suitable for Christmas and New Year holidays only. But when you look at them carefully you may find little hearts on cap of one gnome. So they are ok for Valentine’s day and other festivals. These pictures are Gnome in red phrygian cap and boots embroidery design, Gnome in phrygian cap with hearts holding lantern embroidery design and Gnome in polka dot phrygian cap and boots embroidery design.
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    This is convenient and pretty soft basket made by Ann-kristin Kristoffersen from dense fabric. You may use it to keep some little accessories, pencils or other things you want. Its front side is decorated with Catching snowflake embroidery design. It is portrait of little girl dressed in retro style. She catches beautiful snowflake while walking with her dog at street. That’s why she looks very surprised.
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    This is one of best gifts which can be prepared for beloved person. It is useful bath accessory and handmade work piece at same time. Furthermore author chose very special embroidery sample for it. It is Lollipop heart embroidery design. This picture create happy mood for gift addressee because of bright colors and attributes of holiday such as sweeties and pinwheels. It is true pleasure to get this gift.
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    This is nice Christmas serving napkin which is so suitable for decoration table for holiday meal. Author used original and unusual sample for this work piece. It is not Santa Claus or fir tree. It is Gnome in red phrygian cap and boots embroidery design which is used twice in different parts of napkin. It is added by thematic wish.
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    This is pretty small handbag which can be used as cosmetics bag or even wallet. It has simple but very well elaborated design. It includes all necessary detail to make this work piece convenient in usage. They are durable zip at top part and little handle to wear it. Due to Feather 17 machine embroidery design it is also stylish accessory which is able to complete your look.
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    This is elegant and graceful picture made by Mellonie Adams which evokes associations with high art. It looks like pencil sketch made by famous painter. Due to monochrome color scheme it seems to be strict and easy but very interesting. It is not difficult to repeat it for your work piece: just use Pointe work embroidery design. You may put this picture into frame to embellish your home.
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    Oh, what a wonderful pillow turned out, thanks for showing the work.
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    Ideal design for a newborn towel. Very nice story. Can be used in conjunction with the inspirational inscription or the name of the baby.
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    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.83 x 10.98" Author: Maxagon
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    Thia is big size for professional embroidery machines- please using DST. All Brother embroidery machines understand it.
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    No need choose size. All sizes available for download without additional payment More information Hi i selected the pes for the format that i have purchased, it gave me several choices differentiated with a, b, c, d, etc. at the end of the design name. What do these letters indicate? Cheers
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    No worries, this is limit for one order. You can add new free designs to new order. Video instructions: Video instructions to users of embroidery library
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    Yesterday I purchased a $3.00 embroidery design..Today I see a note that I can get 7 free designs. What I don’t understand is that 7 of the free designs available to anyone or do I just choose 7 designs from your web site. Nice site with lots choices. Thanks J
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    No worries, Please open Order history- Download order and choose or add new embroidery format (JEF) How to place an order for machine embroidery designs? Video instructions: Video instructions to users of our site.
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    what brand of thread are your embroidery designs sewn out with?
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    Do you do this Peppa pig embroidery design in a smaller size? to fit a 100x100 frame size? I look forward to your kind reply.
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    Soon only via customer digitizing Custom digitizing order request a quote
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    No problem, please open Order History and choose another format. Click Save and Filter Out button.
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    The iron man embroidery design I purchased did not have a color chart can you please email me one as soon as possible?
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    No worries, We no have this limitation . Please open Order History and choose another format For help I downloaded the .PES (DST, JEF....) files, but also need the .EXP (HUS, VIP..) files form my machine to be able to read it. Could you please add them to the download, alternately in .ART (VP3, XXX) format Cheers
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    I made an error and ordered the wrong embroidery format - can I change it?
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    Problem fixed. thank you for message. cheers
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    Hi When buying a design that has more than one size like the Invader Zim embroidery design that has 6 sizes. When you buy, do you get all the 6 sizes? Thanks,
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    this not our embroidery design. Custom digitizing no need .We have this design Teddy bear under rain embroidery design Cheers
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    Problem fixed, designs sent as attach.
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    Please attach picture or using our service Embroidery custom sigitizing service
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    I would like you to make digitizing for me in DST. format.
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    Yes, you download all sizes which you can see in product page. No additional fee or payment.
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    Good Morning, Thank you for sending my filed so quickly! I'm trying to get the PDF file for the color chart (I didn't see it on the original list choices) and it's not loading. Is there any way you can send the color charts for these designs via email? Thank you very much!
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    i have a question about the download file i bought yesterday. i need to know which file is the smaller format. please email me back asap. my embroidery machine is only 4x4 design capability
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    Hello customer What size and format you need? You ask about this Sexy Christmas Fairy embroidery design? Cheers
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