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    Bin wie immer, sehr begeistert über deine Designer Qualitäten. Danke vielmals Passt so gut in die aktuelle Krisenzeit. Leb lang und sicher
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    Sieht grossartig aus Danke vielmals für die schöne Datei
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    I made this design into a pillow for a special couple. It was beautiful! Thanks Dave!
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    Das sieht toll aus, mal sehen wie ich das hin bekomme, wahrscheinlich mache ich das mit Multihoop, mein größter Rahmen ist 15x40cm ;-)
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    Design stitched out beautifully with applique. Used for the back of a reading pillow and because it was for a baby I used 'luxe' fleece to make it extra soft. I have been seeing this on facebook done as a teddy bear stating that insturctions were included. I did not receive those instructions but wish I had the.. can I get them please.
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    I used this design for a fish flatware set pouch and the person whom I offered liked it a lot. Thank you very much for this design.
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    Sews beautifully and looks great on hubby's shirt.
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    Stitched on a knit shirt, and it stitched out perfectly! Thank you so much!
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    Sehr filigran und plastisch durch die verschiedenen Stichvarianten.Tolle Arbeit.
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    These leaf designs are perfect for my idea. Some more different leaves to add to this collection, and next summer I will do my project. Thank you very much!
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    Hi Can you tell me what software you used for this please? I'm just about to do my first photo embroidery with Sfumato, but I would also like to be able to do a "classic" embroidery style instead of worrying about the colour of the fabric background. This design is stunning! Thanks
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    love this design. Hoping it will help raise money for the local (nine lives) cat support. Thanks
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    Love this design. So simple but so nice. Looking forward to stitching tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Thank you! Nice design and good quality stitching.
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    Thank you! It is nice and funny.
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    Have a beautiful download, now for the work. Thank you and I will try to do a great job with a beautiful design.
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    Very nice and realistic. I believe to see one of my cats!!! Thank you.
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    The author is well acquainted with Russian fairy tales, with Russian costume. Beautifully made. Thank you.
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    merci encore très belle broderie !!!
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    Would love it in smaller size is their one to purchase
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    Thank you so much for this cute Cat. Can't wait to stitch it.
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    My granddaughter will really like this - thank you
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    Great for a memorable and personalized gift for weddings, anniversaries and more - thank you
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    It is a beautiful design and I stitched it out on a black blouse. And used some of the scroll work on the front. Your designs are so much different than what the US digitizing community offers. Thank you for the free designs too.
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