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  1. You need to check the bobbin case spring where you need to pass the thread behind. According to your version, you created lint. Go to your small bobbin case for checking thread or lint behind the spring. It may be either of these has trapped. The result is same for having no tension on the bobbin thread and it is pulled topside by the top thread.
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  2. Hey everybody. I'm torn between either getting a baby lock enterprise or the amaya xts. From what I've read I can only find that Babylock is more for beginners or more accurately "idiot proof." I understand there is a huge learning curve with embroidery but I am ready for it. I am leaning more towards the babylock because of the camera and touch screen, but I also read the Amaya would be better for production. give me insight on these machines, or would I be safe with either one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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