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    Excellent embroidery design for decorating a women's bag or pillow. As a remembrance of the past romantic journey. Coffee at a table in a street cafe, chestnuts and Paris in colors autumn leaves. You can save all this by embroidering this free project. Great shades of love.
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    You can embroider a cat with a pillow or a T-shirt. This only depends on the imagination and imagination of the needlewoman. An unusual project for lovers of cute and fluffy.
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    Beautiful you always have beautiful designs and they sew out wonderfully
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    Love this design Can't wait to try it. Thank you
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    Thank you very much for the lovely embroidery design
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    beautiful very much like movies in late 50s and 60s Gina Lolabrigida, Natalie Wood
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    Thank you for allowing me to join your group. Your designs are fantastic. I just downloaded the Free Design Woman in Paris. I have not had time to sew it out but will review again after I do.
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