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  1. This is pretty composition prepared because of very important event. It is birth of little boy with original name. It is interesting still-life including soft toy, bouquet of beautiful flowers and nice embroidered cushion. It contains all important information about this boy. Its front side is decorated by Teddy bear five o’clock tea machine embroidery design. This pretty work piece is cute memorable souvenir.
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  2. I didn't get 2 of the 4 Nascar design, I download it thru a zip file and also individually and I still didn't get any data. I am missing the 4.73 x 0.90 and the 3.94 x 0.? (missing on your website).
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  3. Please request via Contact us form. No we not found your customer's account in store.
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  4. Hi i have just dropped on a cheap barudan bex 1998 maschien looking for help on when i try to stitch sometimes its works correctly other time it just snaps needle and wont hoop. Im new to embroidery so what ever help.i can will be appreciated
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  5. Version Available formats: dst.


    Large cartoon embroidery design on denim jackets, shirt, bags or pillows. Unusual and fashionable element for creating an original product for a children's room or clothes. When embroidering things for your children choose new, fashionable bright designs. Let them always be in trend. Perfect professional digitizing. Size: 6.56 x 11.53'
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