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    This is so nice embroidered picture that you have to smile while looking at it, especially if you also have funny pet at your home! Because it is really familiar situation for many of us. Back side of this convenient shirt is decorated with Rainbow dog photo stitch free embroidery design. It is added by colorful footsteps so it looks like dog stepped in paint and walked around.
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    Hurray, the summer has come - the time of short shorts, original T-shirts and bright impressions. And what makes the T-shirt original? Of course, is stylish and cool embroidery? Find this design Three cats embroidery design
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    Here is stylish dress of dense fabric with simple and elegant silhouette. It could be a little boring if it hasn’t on its chest. This unobtrusive but attractive design is little significant detail which makes this dress look absolutely another way. Now it is ok for everyday work, friends’ party and even romantic date. Right choice of embroidery sample is very important
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    There is pretty fluffy skirt which can be nice clothing for girl who like to dance or simply wants to look attractively. It is decorated quite easily but with great taste. All its perimeter is embellished with violet board. On front part we may see Chrysanthemum free embroidery design. Heads of flowers is executed with thread of same color. Embroidery sample looks very lightly and youth — that’s all we needed for this work piece.
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    This is stylish t-shirt of bright color with original sample embroidered on its chest. It is Zebra free embroidery design which shows well-known African animal in extraordinary look. It wears pretty little bow on its left ear and big glasses on eyes. Note that picture has no its own background. So face of this zebra has main color of this t-shirt. This interesting sample conveys extraordinary taste of its owner.
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    This is funny fluffy bear with merry eyes in bright t-shirt. It is not just cute toy for child but also memorable souvenir which was prepared in honor of little boy's birth. Its chest sontains all important information about this event: boy's name, date of birth, weight, height and some other things. It is added by Bow and arrow machine embroidery design. This embroidery sample is symbol of Zodiac sign here.
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    This convenient t-shirt made of comfortable knitwear. It is designed for girl in traditional color scheme. Central part of its composition is Bunny hugs your heart embroidery design. It is cute picture showing little fluffy bunny which keeps cushion in form of heart in its paws. Embroidered sample is added by name of its owner. All these elements make this girl’s clothing memorable and unique — what else is necessary for teenager?!
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    This is nice t-shirt with interesting embroidery sample on its chest. It was just simple white clothing in youth style until it was decorated with Squirrel sewing machine embroidery design. It is funny picture of busy little animal which is creating pretty band with hearts on retro sewing machine. This unusual choice of picture raises thoughts that owner of this t-shirt also like to spend time for hand made things.
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