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    Don't need adapt design. Standard density stitches 0.4 Add water soluble stabilizer at top.
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    This is gorgeous. If I were ever to get a tattoo, this would be it!
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    Would love to have this on my pillow. Hw do I download this .
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    Can you please tell me how you stabilized towel for embroidery, this is the most “harmful” fabric for embroidery. And what is the maximum density in the design, did you take any action to defuse stitches, increase compensation, or how to adapt the designs to thin chiffon otherwise. thank
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    A beautiful towel with owls. I love. I really love to embroider on towels. This is always the right gift. They will use it every day. And each time will remember you with gratitude. But we must honestly say that embroidering on towels is not easy. This is definitely not suitable for beginners. You need to know well how to use a water soluble stabilizer. It is better to first try on any small piece of similar fabric, and use a simple embroidery design in one color.
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    When it comes to the unusual embroidery on the T-shirt, it's better than the dream catcher you will not find. And there are many reasons. Basic, this large area of the project is ideal when you need to use a large visible space, while not making the product dense and heavy. This is a bright embroidery. You can use any color of the thread even fluorescent or with transient colors. There will be no sense of loss of style. Embroidery is easy to supplement with inscriptions or decorate with rhinestones. This will make your embroidered product even more original. I really like this photo with an embroidered pillow. The black fabric perfectly emphasizes the bright contrasting lines of design. Ideal decoration of the summer garden bench. You can make a whole series. Just combine different colors of thread and fabric.
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    A towel is always a good gift. Every person has things he does not need. Only not bath accessories. This is always the right thing. And what to give when you go on a birthday to a child, a girl? The doll will be given to her by friends or parents. Dress, it's complicated. You need to know the size, favorite colors or style. This is not realistic. It is necessary to go to the store and go for a long time choosing the right thing .. But the towel with fairy embroidery is practically the ideal choice. You can add a name. And most importantly, your embroidered gift will definitely be unique.
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    Really great work with the embroiderer of a dream catcher. And the interior for a photo of a picture is chosen as very precisely. Very stylishly matched fabric and contrast-matched thread color. For lovers style Native America and Boho. One thread color is convenient for anyone even a beginner in machine embroidery.
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