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  1. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 7.36 x 5.50'
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    Size: 3.94 x 6.34'
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  3. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Looking for embroidery for the upcoming winter holidays? A beautiful decoration for a Christmas pillow or a bag for a gift. One color of thread. You can use different colors to make a series of one-piece items. Size: 4.74 x 6.08
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  4. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    No Christmas decoration can do without snowflakes. These simple elements, often made in one color, can give any pillow, napkin or sweater a festive and romantic Christmas mood. The symbol of winter. Add it to your new bath towels that can be a great gift. Size: 2.11 x 1.83"
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  5. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Snowflakes are an ideal and simple way to give any thing a festive New Year's look. This embroidered free snowflake will add magic and celebration to a small kitchen towel. In your small cafe, a napkin with machine embroidery will remind guests of the upcoming Christmas holiday. Lekgo and fast. Any craftsman can handle it. Do not need experience. Size: 2.91 x 2.91'
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    Size: 5.39 x 9.43'
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  7. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 4.90 x 4.77'
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  8. View File Yellow butterfly free embroidery design Design digitizied for embroidery on organza. But he can easily find a place on his son’s baby shirt or napkin to decorate the summer kitchen. A small set will allow you to create any color variations. Size: 2.87 x 1.98" Author: EmbGallery Submitter diver361 Submitted 10/15/2019 Category Insects  
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  9. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 3.17 x 3.00'
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  10. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3, vi


    Elegant and simple free design for a bag with gifts. Cute little Santa will decorate your baby’s T-shirt or towel as a gift. A good choice when to make a simple sign of attention. In combination with a congratulatory inscription or the name of the perfect solution. Size: 2,68 2.38'
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  11. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    The free Christmas tree design is made as an appliqué. This kind of those allows to use it on thin fabrics, saves your time and materials. Ideal design for decorating children's t-shirts or suits. Applique on New Year's crown is also suitable for decorating napkins on the festive table. They turn out not dense. They are convenient to use. Size: 4.19 x 5.74'
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  12. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 7.20 x 7.09'
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  13. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 3.39 x 3.91'
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