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    Hi all. Hope someone can advise. I have recently purchase a 10 needle brother embroidery machine (1050x) and have been figuring out how to do things on it. Complete beginner by the way. I thought i would check the embroidery thread tension and according to the manual the were too loose. I have slowly set them up and want some experienced opinions as i have some of the tension dials on the second to last line and the pre tensioners at half way. I was worried that this was too much and would cause unnecessary wear. Do these thread runs look ok. Thanks
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    Version Any populat formats


    A great decorative element for women's clothing. Embroidery is the best choice if you want to look individual. Large size and format EMB (Wilcom Studio or free TrueSizer) if you want to change size or density. Size: 7.87 x 7.57"
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    I have another multi-head embroidery machine. It's also hard for me to adjust the thread tension myself. Moreover, I have a lot of threads from different manufacturers. so I usually call a specialist once a year to do this.
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    Version 1,10,1


    Дизайн в трех вариантах: моно, два цвета и мультицвет. Design available in 3 sizes.
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