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    View File Branch free embroidery 3 Size: 9.65 x 3.53' Submitter lone Submitted 06/21/2014 Category Decoration free embroidery designs
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    Could this be smaller to fit a 5 x 7 hoop please?
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    The machine embroidery design is absolutely correct. Without any errors.
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    Hi! What format you use for your embroidery machine? May be I can help, but not in all formats.
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    Hey! There is actually not much you can do without an embroidery machine when it comes to learning from scratch. Sure you can watch videos on YouTube on digitizing but this business is all about learning through experience. This said, I would strongly recommend that you get a job in an embroidery shop, even if it offers no pay at first. There is a lot you can learn from simply watching people and machines work. Once you get a grip of this, you can now move on to learning a digitizing software. Hope you luck!
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    Mudassir is right. Just in case you´re not familiar with the "pull effect", it is always a factor that affects all kinds of materials to a different degree. What´s going on in your hoodie is that the garment is not stable enough to keep the stitches where they are intended to be. To work this out you need to check the "Pull compensation" box and give it a value of about 0.3 mm (that´s what I would do), add 2 or 3 sheets of stabilizer and you´re good to go.
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    Hello, MJ ! I am almost in the same situation. I started to learn this field when I got for my Birthday a sew-embroidering machine. It was delivered with basic embroidery software and about 100 ready designs. I started with studying this software possibilities and sew transformed and combined embroideries. I started with theory and practice at the same time. It is very convenient to have such a machine at home. You can start it as some hobby and grow your experience. P.S. If you like I can send a link to 6 video basic lessons how to use an embroidering machine.
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    Hi, I like to buy my first machine and it's hard to know Wich one is my best choice. I saw in Alibaba the Chinese market and I can have a new machine for 3000.00 us plus shipping but I see when I surch a bit, the Chinese machine there quality and service is really poor, so I put that side in garbage. After I see a couple of company suppose to be good, Ricoma, Tajima, Happy, Fiesta and Buradan. The price of those are around 13 000.00 cdn plus taxes so around 15000 cdn with taxes. I live in Quebec, Canada so I don't know which one to take and think now is a lot of money and I'm not sure If I have to buy it because I'm not sure if I'll made enough money to pay the machine. What do you think? Wich machine is better and is it possible to made enough money to pay a machine like that?
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    Did you manage to get the manual ?? or the machine working, i have the same issue....
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    Warning message The font height is out of range. (100 pst - 200 pst). How do I fix this???
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    Thanks for the reply. Really want to learn how to set it up correctly my self so i know when i have issues. Just wondered if the examples i posted looked like good examples. I keep seeing that you should have a 3rd colour, 3rd bobbin and 3rd colour. Which is what i have sort of but just worried as i had to do the tension dials alot on some of them and didnt know if this was normal for a brand new machine.
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    I have another multi-head embroidery machine. It's also hard for me to adjust the thread tension myself. Moreover, I have a lot of threads from different manufacturers. so I usually call a specialist once a year to do this.
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    Hi folks, My mother has a couple of the brother PE (?) machines, one is the 190 and I can't remember the other one, though it has a card slot if that helps? Now we have a PED Basic card reader but obviously we would really like to be able to do some custom designs and write them onto some blank cards we have. There is obviously the PE Design Next card writer, but these are quite expensive and we are on a pretty tight budget. I have been wondering if there are any alternative card writers that might not be as expensive? From what I've worked out so far, it seems that the cards used are the CF type, does this mean that it would be possible to use one of the many card writing wee things available to write designs onto a blank card? I have seen an embird writer, but there are also other generic CF card reader/writers available for not alot of money and it would be brilliant if there was a way to use one of these? I have actually purchased one, but I haven't had any luck as yet. I could really use some help as it would really make my mum and yes even myself, ever so happy if we could do some properly custom embroidery. We have had these machines for a good while now and I would really love to be able to use them to their full potential. Alternatively I have also been looking at the Semco Ipink as it seems simpler to use this machine to do custom stuff (or is this yet another slice of pie in the sky?) Thanks for reading this far and all the best Raff
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    View File Power rhino free embroidery design Cool design for cool guys. On a sports jersey or jacket. For lovers of power sports. The set includes a file for the Wilcom embroidery software (Studio or TrueSizer). You can change the design parameters or size yourself. Size: 8.78 x 6.36" Submitter diver361 Submitted 07/25/2020 Category Animals  
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    Hi I'm fairly new to embroidery and have had my fair share of mistakes. I'm embroidering tee shirts which are 180gsm and polo shirts which are 220gsm. The polo shirt material is clearly thicker than the tee shirt material. I have a Brother Innov-is NV800e machine which has all sorts of tweaks such as tension, plate height etc etc. I tend to leave it as it is for everything I do and on occasion things happen that I can't explain other than maybe the machine should have been "tweaked" slightly between one cloth type and another. I also use both tear away and cut away stabiliser depending on how dense the embroidery is in places. Denser patterns will have the cut away stabiliser. I'm therefore reaching out (never typed that before!) to see if anyone can offer any tips for me to try to see if subtle changes can reduce the errors I am getting occasionally. Thank you, in advance, for any helpful advice. SILHOUETTO
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    Which design? Please attach link. You can hardly talk about a design problem if the machine complains about the lack of available memory space. Try to clear more free space on your media. This is a fairly common problem.
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    when I try to down load the design I bought from my Bernina jump drive to my machine it says “your computer memory has nearly reached its limit. Switch computer off and on again to continue. I can down load other designs with more stitches with no problems.
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    I have a Brother 750e any idea why it cannot read the .pes file for this please
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    Hi, I was wondering if you have the VW Motor Sport logo and if not, do you know where I might find it. thank you, Robin You can contact me
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    Unfortunately, EMB-file is not present in download-list however it was mentioned in the description....
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    I think ned check manual.
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    What code do you want to edit. You want to add codes -Trim, STOP, Change Color? Cheap software - Embird.
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    On all knitted fabrics I use a thin film stabilizer on top of the product, just like on pile fabrics and terry towels. Stitches, regardless of their length, do not "sink" into the fabric and the design looks clear. Try this way.
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    Please, can anyone check if the jef file is correct for janome? The graphic designer made a logo for me, but not all companies can embroider it. Please write what embroidery machines see, I want to buy mc400e or mc320e. .jef and .sew files. logo_sew.SEW logo_jef.JEF
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    Brother SE600 embroidery machine has a hoop size of 4 hours 4 inches. Before you copy files to a flash drive or USB card, you need to check the size of the machine embroidery file designs. This can be done on the product page. You can also use free embroidery software. For example, my editor. It is important to remember that none of the design sides should exceed 3.98'.
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    i have a brother SE600 and just cannot seem to get purchased fonts into my machine. I purchase, download, unzip, copy the PES file to my flash drive then when i insert into machine it displays folders (side, middle letters) but cannot view any letters or open the folders. I have used all the monogram fonts that came on my machine and want a fancier monogram for granddaughter. Hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong!
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    View File EZ converter free embroidery software This is a free converter for embroidery machines of the company EverSewn. It allows you to open files of the following formats: Tajima *.DST, Brother *.PEC, *.PES, Janome *.JEF, *.SEW, Bernina *.EXP, PFAFF *. VP3, *.PCS, Singer *.XXX, Husqvarna *.HUS, VIP. Save only in format: *.ZHS Function: Flip, mirror, rotate, change thread and fabric colors. Print documentation. Submitter diver361 Submitted 07/24/2019 Category Free embroidery software
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    Hey, Excuse my ignorance, what is a POF file? Is it the input format of any digitizing software? I´m asking so I can know if I can help you.
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    I am currently trying to convert a png file (image online) and convert it over to pof file so I can stitch it out wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could get the ball rolling
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    Hope that's not too late to prevent the catastrophe. Francois, don't. Buy. A machine. From Alibaba! Try local vendors first so you could contact them easily. As a new user you'll have plenty of questions and w/o proper support it would be such a pain to deal with your first projects. From my experience, Brother is the easiest to learn. I believe it was the first brand to produce a home embroidery machine. So if you can find almost any of these in Quebec, it might be your best option. Good luck!
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    View File Pink heart free embroidery design A beautiful motif for creating a romantic gift for St. Valentine's Day. Elegant and light. On the corner of a napkin or shawl. Size: 4.81 x 4.33' Author: EmbGallery Submitter diver361 Submitted 02/19/2020 Category Valentine's Day  
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    View File Rainbow cats free embroidery design Beautiful original design for cat lovers. Ideal for creating a series of pillows for the living room or a large quilt. You can use a variety of even bright contrasting colors of thread. Embroidered pillows can be not only an element of decor, but also the ultimate gift to your friends for housewarming. everyone will be delighted with the realized idea and your creative abilities. Size: 12.28 x 9.63' AuthorL John D. Submitter test5 Submitted 01/13/2017 Category Animals  
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    Hi, I think you should add more pull compensation in your digitized file. and use 2 ply cut away stabilizer as backing.
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    Hi! I need the crack for Perla 8800s, I downloaded it from the link you have posted, but ask me for an activation code, please help me? Thank you very much!!
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    Smithson basketball training logo embroidery design
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    View File Blue firebird free embroidery design Size: 10.52 x 6.09' Submitter test5 Submitted 01/02/2017 Category Decoration free embroidery designs
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    Yes, no problem, Need open Order History and choose - add new format. For help please How to place an order for machine embroidery designs? Video instructions: Video instructions to users embroidery library
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    I downloaded the Oregon State Beaver logo embroidery design. I need to .EXP file format (we just bought a Bernina embroidery machine) Can I redownload this file? It doesn't appear to include the .EXP format in the summary.
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    This embroidery logo have in our collection Dodge logo machine embroidery design.
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    We think this is mistake. Please back to order History and reload page. Also we send order design via e-mail.
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    I purchased some designs form you some time ago, and a free nike design. the free nike design was not in the file although the file was there, I have not used your designs from then as it has made me think again about ordering as you did not reply and sort the problem out first time. hope you will sort this problem.
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