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    View File Mickey Face free embroidery design this is a mickey mouse face with bow .DST Submitter Khled.Sy Submitted 05/17/2020 Category Cartoon  
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    View File Angry dog free embroidery design Size 1: 3.92 x 3.93" Size 2: 5.49 x 5.5" EMB format for Wilcom software. Great free embroidery design for decorating men's clothing. A great choice for a husband or brother's denim jacket. Ability to change the design or change the size without left quality. Submitter diver361 Submitted 05/24/2020 Category Animals  
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    Hello, I have had my brother innovis 700e for about two years and apart from a few teething problems it has run pretty well. Until today I was on the 15th and final section of a design and it made a rattling noise. Then came up with The Safety Device has been activated. I have troubleshooted on the internet. Fully cleaned the bobbin area to see if there was any lint debris or loose thread. It all fine there however the hand wheel will not turn at all and I am still getting the message re the safety device. I'm a very sad bunny as this is my release at the moment from my caring job. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance. Skye
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    Thank you again Dave W, got it and it works!!!! Much obliged!
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    Hi: Does someone know if I can use Wilcom e2 to create embroidery designs for Singer S10? Which is the file format for this machine?
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    Also available here Jon Snow embroidery design
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    Design available here Jon Snow embroidery design in Madeira Rayon thread palette.
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    Also available here Home is where my cat is embroidery design
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    Design available here Home is where my cat is machine embroidery design in Madeira Rayon thread palette.
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    Design available here Forest deer embroidery design in Madeira Rayon thread palette
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    Design available here Daenerys Targaryen embroidery design in Madeira Rayon thread palette
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    Design available here Curious cat 2 embroidery design in Madeira Rayon thread palette
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    View File Rose free embroidery design 20 Beautiful big rose made in vintage style. A good element of decor for home furnishings. Gorgeous pillows for the living room or napkins for the festive table. A tablecloth with embroidered flowers in the corners will immediately attract the attention of your guests. Or maybe it will be a jeans jacket with embroidery. Size: 4.63 x 5.88' Submitter lone Submitted 11/13/2014 Category Flowers
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    I love this. Can we get it in a PES file?
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    Just stop your sewing machine and skip the black colour, jump to the next colour. I can't remember with what colour the design starts. But if black is the first colour start at colour 2. I hope this helps good luck. Let me know how you get on with the design. All the best. Dave
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    do you possibly have this with just emblem and lettering? but not the black patch background. In wanting to put it directly on a shirt.
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    Not possible. We are using Wilcom embroidery software for digitizing.
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    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any pictures of cross stitch that’s been done on an embroidery machine? I want to buy a machine for this reason only buy would like to see some examples and know from what machine/software they came from. I want it to look like hand stitched cross stitch as much as possible. Thank you!
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    Thank you so much. My brother is a Star Trek fan and it is so hard finding unique embroidery files for it.
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    Hey! So I stitched out a design onto some thinner 100% Polyester fabric. It stitched out great, so I decided to stitch it onto a hoodie which has a thicker cotton and polyester blend. The embroidery on the hoodie looks very jagged and doesn't look anything close to as clean as the first embroidery did. Could someone point me in the right direction to getting my second embroidery to look like my first? What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much in advance. I've included an image of whats happening below.
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    Skunks hockey team logo embroidery design
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    I tried to purchase a design and a free design using my debit card. When I went to pay I was given the error message saying "Error Processing Transaction". So I checked the information I provided and processed the payment again getting the same error message. When I checked my order history I get the Status incomplete message as seen above. When I check my online banking site it shows both transactions as pre auth both for $2. I want to make sure I am not going to be charged for both of these transactions. I have not received any designs and I certainly don't want to be charged twice. Please contact me with proof that the charges are going to be removed. Thank you
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    Yes, this is possible. What format you need? Cheers
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    I purchased the MLB design and requested it in PES well for some reason I am unable to open it! I can also use DST, can I please get that sent to me? I also had asked about getting it in a smaller size that what was offered, I wanted to get it 1 inch wide x .5 inch tall Thank you ~
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    Please attach link which design need edit.
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    Hi I was wondering is there a way to get Duke Blue devils logo embroidery design without the shadowed D in the background of the blue devil on your site?
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    We no have this limitations. Just need back to order history choose or add another format and click Save and filter. For help please How to place an order for machine embroidery designs? Video instructions: Video instructions to users of our site Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
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    Hi, I recently purchased a Embroidery logo for Janome 300e. I cant seem to open the file. I have an Apple Mac. Do I need software to open the file.Hear from you soon. Thanks
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    Sorry, 75 mm not possible, we check size and found it's ok for hoop 4 x 4. We resent this file via e-mail.
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    My embroidery machine does only 4 x 4 and I thought the logo was small enough. I am putting it on a koozie. It is a 99.80 mm x 85.70 mm now, maybe somewhere around 75 will work better. And thank you for resizeing the Carolina Panthers logo embroidery design it worked wonderful.
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    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Cheers
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    Thank you for your reply to my query but I have since been able to resolve the problem. Sincerely,
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    hi I hope you can help me I just paid for the Liverpool football embroidery badge and p when I put it on to my usb stick to put that in to my embroidery machine so I can stitch it out it is not showing up on my machine. I have a brother 955 with a 4inch by 4 inch hoop. I would just like some help with downloading it please thank you
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    Please write your embroidery hoop size. Cheers
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    I use a brother 240. I was wondering if this Vancouver Canucks logo embroidery design emvroidery can be used with it?
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    We tried this again and got it to work Thanks for your help on it.
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    The embroidery design I downloaded was the same as the first one, with Jaguar Engineer. I need one without Engineer on it. Here is a picture of what I need, if you can.
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    Ok. No problem please which format you need.
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    I need a machine embroidery download for the University South Alabama Jaguars! Do you have one without Engineer on it? Thank you!! I am purchasing the above d mention design, but am interested in an updated one! Thank you again!
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    Good day, I purchased a Rangers Logo from your company yesterday (04.06.14)and downloaded a pes design for my Brother Innovis Embroidery machine, when I try to copy the download from my files to a memory stick the file does not show yet I have a number of downloaded pes files which all work, can you assist please as I wish to use this design. thank you
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    Hello Sorry, this is not real., some details may be left. Cheers
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    Washington Redskins logo embroidery design. Question: do you have a smaller embroidery design. Need on that is 2.5 in height
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    I need to download the New Orleans Saints Logo and I do not know which item to click on for downloading. I need the PES Unzipped format that will fit into my 5\"x 7\" hoop on my Brother Embroidery machine. Can you please help me? Thanks,
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    Can you tell me how many stitches are in teh Baltimore Orioles Gap Logo design 100x 94mm
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    We send another version of Pes format (Brother embroidery machine). About smaller size. Near time we add this.
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