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    Thanks for the info, this looks like the best way yet..
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    i use double sided tape around the edge of my stabilizer then float my item- works great no puckers. and the tape is lots cheaper than the adhesive stabilizer
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    I use coffee filters pressed flat for key fobs and ornaments. They work better than tear away.
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    I keep Pellon decobond on hand because it can be used as a stabilizer and gives support to the mini bags I make and it serves both purposes. For towels and napped fabrics, a friend recommended buying inexpensive tulle to keep the stitches over the nap and I use wss on the back side. For t shirts, I tend to use no-show stabilizer to keep the bulk down on the front of the shirt and it works well (I use spray adhesive for placement and to keep things from moving around before/during stitching). For items not worn, I like tearaway stabilizer (which is my "go to.") Good article. Thanks!
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    It’s best to write on blogs about positive experiences or ideas that have been implemented. If you have a question or problem, then it is better to discuss it on the forum. https://forum.embroideres.com/forums/forum/28-questions-and-answers-about-embroidery-machines/
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    Thank you! I would like to learn digitising and all details are very important for me.
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    Okay Fine, But we are providing Embroidery Digitizing Services and Suggestion's If You Need Visit Our Custom digitizing service
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    Это говорит о вас только как о хорошо подготовленном человеке. Вы удивитесь, но большинство пользователей не таковы. Они требуют максимально точного разъяснения всего и вся. Этому посвящено боле количество переписки и помощи. Удивительно, но это так. Я не знаю с чем это связано. Возможно с тем что есть люди работающие или работавшие с техникой , программами.. а есть гуманитарии.. И вторым видимо это трудно..
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    Большое спасибо! Не вижу ничего страшного в неправильном отображении цветовой палитры. Можно проявить воображение и смекалку, выбрать цвета по своему усмотрению и в соответствии с имеющимися нитками. Хотя, конечно, интересно увидеть авторскую задумку.
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    Thank you very much! Now I know how to do that correctly.
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    You need post it as forum topic -nor as blog.
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    Please choose strong stabilizer - around 80-100 gram per m2.
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    Can anyone tell me what the server address is please. When I upgraded versions, it went to all zeros. I know that is incorrect. Thanks chuck
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    Hi @duferk2 What I know about your query is that it is the problem of design sequence. The less backing also causes this kind of problem. In your case, I think the problem is with digitising sequence. Regards, Emma ..
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    Wow its amazing customer carpet sets for sport boats and cars, i wish to show up this great work with my friends
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    Hi, I have read this very carefully and it seems very interesting and knowledgeable for me. Machine Embroidery is not a small topic, we can write many articles on this topic and every topic has a new lesson. Any ways, thanks for sharing!
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    good evening ladies. I have a big request to you. How do I transform a drawing into a program pes format so should be executed by my machine? I have my editor , but it didn't draw himself. just open the ready-made programs and modify them slightly. Please a little help. Many thanks from a novice
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    Thanks Sasthia, I have my new toy only at 1 month and still have many problems I will solve one by one slowly with your advises. Thanks for your advise. Best Regards, Paulo
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    Hello Paulo Welcome to the world of embroidery. To use a Room equipment properly, I suggest you read the information on your machine in the mode (in it should be explained what a stabilizer and why it matters). You'll find lots of explanations and tutorials on this site and blog embroidery that talk about different techniques. for Brother brand machines, use format is PES measurements in millimeters or inches have not really magnitudes (you can adjust such measures in your machine), it is rather an indication that lets you know what size your pattern but no influence the file or embroidery. Work with one that puts you more at ease. Have fun with your new toy;-)
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    Hi, I don't made anything to file, my problem was the stabilizer but it resolved with your help in another post. Thank you very much.
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    How you adjust file? File full ready for sew. Best stabilizer with 80-100 gr per m2 -2 ply for cotton
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    I'm new in embroidery, sorry but I don't know what is stabilizer, how I see what is the stabilizer I use? what is the best parameters to put on my machine to embroid this files? I buy also embroidery software "Stitch & Sew 2", using this software is possible adjust the file to my machine. Sorry my questions, thanks for the help, Thanks
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    What stabilizer you using? In photo i see stabilizer not strong for this fabric. Also please redownload design, Probably design downloaded with mistake.
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    Hi Cheers, My new embroidery is a Brother Innovis-NV800E and supposedly, the correct format is pes or pec files, like I used, but the embroid was not well, Exist any configuration on machine that i need change to embroid well. I have my machine configuration in milimeters not in inch, is a problem? Thanks Paulo
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    To be able to see better, I put a photo of the problem. The Black Border and the colours doesn´t match
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    Hi Cheers, My new embroidery is a Brother Innovis-NV800E and supposedly, the correct format is pes or pec files, like I used, but the embroid was not well, Exist any configuration on machine that i need change to embroid well. I have my machine configuration in milimeters not in inch, is a problem? Thanks Paulo
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    Just need choose color charts formats in Order Dowтload page. For help please read this topic Support Video instruction in Embroideres.com Cheers
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    great stuff works really well for teeshirts too, no stretching, no puckering!
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    Love the tutorial, but would like to know please: is "Filmoplast" a tearaway or cutaway.Is it watersoluble?
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    one solution was to place a grid on the bobbin case. I don't know what a grid is.
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    These are just awesome! Thank you so much!
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    These free embroidery designs available here http://embroideres.com/free-embroidery-designs/jblon-machine-embroidery-collection/
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    I have 3 go to stabilizers I use. All by Pellon. for my tear away med weight I use 806. for free standing lace projects I use 541. and for the WSS on top of towels it is 551. I get my cut way from my Brother dealer on a very large roll in the back of their store. only $1.99 a yd and it is very good.
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    It may be possible the digitized design was not in good form there may be some error on that file.
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