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    I ran the Live long and Prosper Vulcan lettering design, I just love the way it look. I enlarged it a bit to fill my hoop length of 7.10" and sewed it with light gray thread on the bottom of my jeans. It looks wonderful, Thanks so much Dave. Linda
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    Hi all. I just thought I would do a quick check to see how many times my designs have been downloaded. I was shocked to see that some of my designs are so popular. In total up to this morning 27th April 2020 my designs have been downloaded by you lovely people 16,807 times. All in just 3 months. I might have to open my own web site for my designs lol. No I like to digitise for our embroidery community, giving a little back, for all the free designs I have received. Stay safe and stay at home. Wash your hands. All the best. Dave
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    13 helicopters down, 2 more to do
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    So, I congratulate myself with 1 year membership "Embroidery comunity". Did I learn something new? Yes, a lots! I am grateful to all team of this site, all members for a lots of free designs, for your opinions and critics. I hope for new knowleges, new designs, mutual help. My dream is to learn digitizing and share with all of you my designs and my attitude to this world.
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    When I attempt to send a private message, re: purchase of designs, it is disallowed with "diver361 cannot receive messages" ?
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    Over the past six months or so I have been learning how to sew embroidery on garments and make patches. The designs I have been using have mostly been free from lovely people who upload them, for all of us for free. I have also been learning to digitise, so now it's my turn to give back to the lovely people of the embroidery Community. Nearly all the designs I have posted, I digitised from royalty free vector graphics with little changes hear and there and some of my own designs. I have uploaded these files for you to use as you please. I give them to you. If by any chance you make any money from my designs, well done that's what it's all about. All I ask is. Please think of giving a small donation of the money you make, to a charity of your choice. Sharing is caring. Thank you and have fun with the designs. Dave
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    Where can I get this design, please of the bully dogs' heads?
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    Wieso kann ich keine free runterladen
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    Hello, I'm trying to download your tiger face as a PES. but it will not show up on my embroidery machine
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    We found that you are sending messages to other users that they do not need. this is spam.
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    Hi I’m new to the site I’m looking to get some embroidery work done on 3 very thin pieces of marine carpet and have no idea who can do the for me any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Igor you are the most generous person I know and you are appreciated by all of us. Your designs are simply the best and stitch out perfectly. Thank you
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    I purchased this design from Embroideres.com website! Stitched out flawlessly. Not one broken thread no missing stitches! Loved watching it stitch out.
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    Thanks for the wonderful wolf designs;
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    We delete all your photos. Please post photos only with our works or designs which customer found in our community. Cheers
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    Spam. Account blocked. Topic deleted.
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    Sherry, we can't answer you. This is reveiew. Please post question in support topic.
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    We stop your activity as strange.
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    Every design have support topic. Please write you problem with embroidery machine name. You check hoop size? Also you can try DST format. All Brother's machine understand it. Also PEC.
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    Hi everyone. Twenty years experience as an operator currently running a six head old Happy. I will be starting to learn the Wilcom digitizing software soon as a complete newbie! So any good tips for me please pass em along.
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    Thank You for accepting my registration
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    This is darling. Will go great on beach articles. Thank you
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    Do you have any idea as to why I get an alpha rendition of the design when I try to download it
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    I am looking to purchase a *.dst file of the American Legion logo. I came across your image My home post, Post 470 Bath, PA, is hosting this year's State Golf Tournament & hired me to embroider the shirts. May I purchase the file from you? Gary
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    Do you offer digitizing services? I have a photo of a dog that I would like to get digitized for machine embroidery and I like your style of digitizing. Thanks, Shawn
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    Хорошее предложение Распошивальная машина ЭЛНА 444- в подарок к ней столик и 2 лапки
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    This lady is so clever with her digitizing she is absolutely amazing and I can't wait for the design of the girl in the green to be ready. Thanking you for sharing your amazing talent with us.
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    I made this pillow for a friend - the flower is your design and I did the words on PE Design 10. Stitched out beautifully. Can't put on m page as it is a birthday gift - and I hope she likes it.
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    Cute Bare Embroidery Design
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    Love your designs Lone. This monkey is too cute. Thanks so much!
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    Reset my password today had 1 successful download & now I can't
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    hi driver361 is it at all possible that you can do a photo for me in photo stitch , every time that i try to attempt it , it does not come out very good thanks in advance
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    Is there any plans to make the Zebra with Glasses available in pes format? I absolutely love this pattern. Thanks Tracy P
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    hi can you digitize any of these please size approx 4x4 for first two and 6 inch high for alice please x
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