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    Design stitched out beautifully with applique. Used for the back of a reading pillow and because it was for a baby I used 'luxe' fleece to make it extra soft. I have been seeing this on facebook done as a teddy bear stating that insturctions were included. I did not receive those instructions but wish I had the.. can I get them please.
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    I just downloaded this and was so excited...I have the Janome500E with 4 hoops and it was too large for my largest hoop Please help can it be found downsized????????????????
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    Well what can I say a beautiful Russian snow Maiden....... My dad was Ukraine/Russian beautiful embroidery like what I used to imagine....... Very well done! Thank you .....
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    Sewed out beautifully. Thank you!
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    Bin wie immer, sehr begeistert über deine Designer Qualitäten. Danke vielmals Passt so gut in die aktuelle Krisenzeit. Leb lang und sicher
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    OMG this is beautiful. I did it in colors from light to dark. Best zebra design I have found to date. Thanks so much for such a beautiful pattern. I added words to it for my granddaughter. She was 4 turning 5 and just loves it! Above the zebra I stitched "I Believe" then down one side "because" down the other side "GIRLS" at the bottom "can do ANYTHING"
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    Très joli motif, merci beaucoup.
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    Would love it in smaller size is their one to purchase
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    Thank you so much for this cute Cat. Can't wait to stitch it.
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    Love this design!! I hope to see more similar made available. This genuine leather bag is available for sale at my etsy shop here
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    That is gorgeous. I am new here but assume we need to download several files? I downloaded one for ".pes" that looked like one of several files for the ".pes" and then this "review" screen popped up - I would assume I would need all of the ".pes" files or are there different designations. My largest stitching capability is 5x7. Thank you. I look forward to being "educated" on this.
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    The designs stitch out great. These hard-to-find designs are great! Thanks!
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    I love this design but it is too big for my largest hoop. so sad.
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    so pretty. I think Ill put i on a shirt that I've had for a year waiting for just the right design Thank you
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    The design is perfect, but would love to do it in a smaller version, 4x4 or 5x7 as well.
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    Sieht grossartig aus Danke vielmals für die schöne Datei
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    The author is well acquainted with Russian fairy tales, with Russian costume. Beautifully made. Thank you.
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    Thank you very much for this beautiful cat embroidery design
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    Perfect digitizing. Very easy and quicly download files.
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    Thank you! Will use this design quite often! Can make many different kitties with this!
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    love all the designs cant wait to start with new projects its going to keep me busy for a while thank you very much
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    So cute since I am a new and first time owner of a cat I would love to stitch this out! Do you have this in art format?
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    Looking forward to stitching this out as it is so delicate & pretty
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    This is a beautiful design. I've used it today to make a cushion for my mother in Law. It stitches out fabulously. Really great. Thank You for such a gorgeous design. I've added in a little bit of beadwork to the head-dress and upper body of the dress too
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    Beautiful design, just what I was looking for!
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    This is soooo cute I can't wait to make several of these. Thank You! :)
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    I use PES, no problem, thank you for your design!
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    The design looks so cute and adorable I can't wait to stitch it out. Thank you for sharing it
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