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The Magic of Christmas in your projects

time to give gifts to friends and family
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Excellent stitches and original style

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Loving birds.. Wonderful designs, stitched out beautifully

Really cute, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs.
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Our designs looks great

Stitched out beautifully! Wonderful decoration!
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Adorable design. Stitches out beautifully.

"Thanks so much for this design It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
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    Still a priceless and eloquent piece of work, Thank you
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    A very beautiful design. Lots of work went into it.
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    Thanks, its very beautiful embroidery
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    Absolutely so realistic looking! Wish I could digitize photo stitch. But I just can't seem to do so and have anything come out looking right. Yours is amazing!! Thank you for sharing.
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    Meget smuk. glæder mig til at sy den
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