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  1. I don't know where I can ask..... I have the very cute zebra with glasses.... I want to know if I can use it commercial..... Sorry.... 

  2. Hello.... Sorry for my question.... May I use the zebra with glasses for commercial? Also sell products with the embroidery on it? Sorry for my English... 

    1. diver361


      No, problem. You can sell embroidered items.

  3. Hallo... Ich hab eine Frage zu dem zebra mit der Sonnenbrille... Darf ich die Datei gewerblich nutzen? Danke.... 

  4. No problem making this machine embroidery design just for you. Our order page Custom embroidery digitizing order page
  5. You can easy resize this embroidery design free free embroidery software Wilcom TrueSizes.
  6. What you see? What device you have? We have little advertising -payment for server.
  7. In our embroidery library there are many ready-made works with boots made in a similar style. This demonstrates the high quality of our work and professionalism. Therefore, I advise you to place your order here Custom digitizing service. Below I provide links to specific machine embroidery designs that are similar to your image. Warm green shoe embroidery design Our freedom came at a price 3 machine embroidery design
  8. If you like this embroidery logo, please send request via Contact us form. Any size and formats available. You can check quality in our free embroidery designs library.
  9. Thanks for the bug report. We have added missing files to this free machine embroidery design. If you are embroidering our designs, we would be delighted to see your embroidered designs. This helps our digitizers work further for you. Also report any problems and requests. We closely monitor the quality of our work.
  10. Please. We are glad that you enjoy the free designs from our embroidery library. If you use our work, we will be glad to see pictures with embroidered products. Remember, all of these designs can be used in business for profit. This is especially important for the return on investment of various creative materials.
  11. Please attach smple for understand. In our embroidery library have many monograms.
  12. This instruction for Verson 11-12 How Moving the entry/exit points for object in embroidery design Click the Home tab in embroidery software screed. Click Select tool in the;Select group, and then click Click the object. This is the entry point for the outline stitching. The previous area is connected to this point. This is the exit point for the outline stitching. Stitching continues from this point to the next pattern. This is the entry point for the inside region stitching. The previous pattern is connected to this point. This is the exit point for
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