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  1. View File USA flag free embroidery design Size: 3.53 x 2.11' For t-shirt. EMB format included. Submitter diver361 Submitted 01/26/2021 Category Heraldry  
  2. Version any popular formats


    Size: 3.53 x 2.11' For t-shirt. EMB format included.
  3. I have a question of a complete newbie, so I'm sorry if it is stupid. I wanna try embroidery and I heard that serger machines can be used for it. I have Juki machine and I don't understand if it can be used. Anyway thanks.
  4. You need to show the problem to the owner of the store who sold you these threads. Perhaps it's a marriage. I've never seen a problem like this. Machine embroidery threads are usually a very high quality product.
  5. 1 mm very less. Add more.. this is not problem, but fix problem for stretch fabric or not dense stabilizer.
  6. There are two possible fixes for this problem. 1. Add spacers to the embroidery digitizer by increasing the size of the area that will be sewn first. Then the next word will "cover" part of the embroidered one. As a result, there will be no empty space. 2. Use the tool Pull Compensation. It will automatically add the desired space of the embroidered area.
  7. All embroidery machines have the ability to select the point from which to start the embroidery process. You can skip whole colors or select a specific stitch number.
  8. View File Giraffe applique free embroidery design Size: 5.10 x 5.78' Best for baby outfit. Submitter diver361 Submitted 01/18/2021 Category Applique  
  9. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 5.10 x 5.78' Best for baby outfit.
  10. Capacity for this flash USB? Some Brother embroidery machines have limitation For USB flash card - max 1-2 gb. Please check this flash drive and read manual. Usually this is problem.
  11. Watch the video and find the answer to the question. Ask your questions if you need more help.
  12. A color table is a graphic file where the order of changing threads is indicated with an exact indication of the color number (for a specific palette) Example: Palette Robison Anton Color 1 2097 Color 2 2324 To embroider a machine embroidery design correctly, as the digitizer intended, you need to have an original color chart. Sometimes, when loading a machine embroidery design, a user cannot find this table. Each design is accompanied by a file in JPG or PDF format. We explain in detail how to do this in our detailed video instruction. If you find errors or you have ad
  13. May be this another developer ? Sierra -company from Argentina create only digitizing editor. Here available Meiryo Technica Corporation software for PLK sewing machines. Direct download, no need register. Mitsubishi software portal original. Need register. Sewing Center software direct download. No need register.
  14. View File Bunch of grapes free embroidery design Size: 3.96 x 5.51' For kitchen towels and napkins. Submitter diver361 Submitted 01/13/2021 Category Fruits and Vegetables  
  15. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 3.96 x 5.51' For kitchen towels and napkins.
  16. Perhaps this is a software bug. Have you updated your embroidery machine? It is important to use the most recent version. Latest version 15/10/2019 (4.01). Download update here.
  17. This design bigger for your embroidery machine - Brother Innov-Is V3 have hoop 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4'). Design have 8.34 x 10.86"
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