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  1. Это говорит о вас только как о хорошо подготовленном человеке. Вы удивитесь, но большинство пользователей не таковы. Они требуют максимально точного разъяснения всего и вся. Этому посвящено боле количество переписки и помощи. Удивительно, но это так. Я не знаю с чем это связано. Возможно с тем что есть люди работающие или работавшие с техникой , программами.. а есть гуманитарии.. И вторым видимо это трудно..
  2. Sorry digitizer provided design only this size. But you can try resizing yourself using free software and our sub-instructions. Believe it is very simple. Download free embroidery software here My Editor Read our blog here
  3. We not know. this is cutomers work. Probably these designs from his (her) home embroidery library.
  4. This design created in Embird Sfumato stitch photo stitch embroidery software
  5. diver361

    Geometric Sphynx

    Sphynx cat geometric pattern embroidery design
  6. Sorry, please explain. we not understnad your question.
  7. Your PES format is available for download. How to change the size you can read in our blog. It's simple. The program is free. Perhaps this design is large. Unfortunately photo stitch free designs for Brother are only available in this size.
  8. Sorry, this digitizer is very young, and this this work is first..
  9. This is not digitizing software. Onle, view, convert and change size for embroidery desiigns.
  10. This is an independent user work. It is not difficult. It is drawn and made arbitrarily. If you need it .. Write here and we will do.
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