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  1. For a long time, the banana bag was considered an attribute of those who, according to duty, need to keep their hands free and at the same time have quick access to money. In the 90s, the accessory began to appear in youth wardrobes. And in 2019, the fashion for belt bags increased tenfold.

    A fashion accessory is called differently: a bag of a bank, a bank, a bumbag, a belt bag, a waist bag, a pouch, a pocket ... The popularity of this stylish and compact accessory in unisex format is growing rapidly. The bag can often be found both at fashion shows, parties, ceremonial events, and on the streets. A modern banana only vaguely resembles its market counterparts. Comfortable on a trip and at a party, a belt bag will come in handy to show yourself as a desperate mod.

    Not so long ago, the classic textile bags, bananas, began to be made from a variety of materials — natural or eco-leather, velvet, transparent plastic, and fur. You can wear them on the waist line, emphasizing it favorably, on the hips or over the shoulder.

  2. 14 hours ago, Deborah Louise said:

    What a lovely image. I love silhouettes of flowers and herbs that are stylised but not cartoons.

    Thank you!. I lso love one colored embroidery designs. This simple..for domestic machines. 

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  3. On 10/12/2018 at 7:55 AM, wissewer said:

    Can you please tell me how you stabilized towel for embroidery, this is the most “harmful” fabric for embroidery. And what is the maximum density in the design, did you take any action to defuse stitches, increase compensation, or how to adapt the designs to thin chiffon otherwise. thank

    Don't need adapt design. Standard density stitches 0.4 Add water soluble stabilizer at top. 

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