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  1. View File Oriental woman free embroidery design For lovers of oriental themes in machine embroidery. The project is large and perfect for a sofa cushion. Add hieroglyphs or lotus flowers to create a great composition. Size: 5.44 x 7.18' Submitter cousette31 Submitted 11/24/2014 Category Oriental  
  2. hi, this order is in art form and I need exp. can you redo tat for me? tank you
  3. I just received an order but am curious as to the difference between the four diffident file names on each as 1; 1b; 1c, etc. are these the different size and also how do i get the pdf color chart it wasn't included
  4. i need an embroidery design FC BAYERN Logo embroidery design in size 50 x 50 mm and 75 x 75 mm. Can you help me. I look for a answer in German. Best regards
  5. Hi, I’m sorry to be a bother on these Dr. Seuss embroidery designs, but when I download the letter I cannot find the size that is on your home page (4.92 x 3.62).& This is the size I need to be compatible with the other letters. I also thought you would like to know that when you sent me the letter T you also sent many of your files along with it. With professional help I was finally able to delete the many Winnie the Pooh embroidery designs as well as many of your free designs so I could navigate to 4D and finally get designs on the thumb drive.
  6. I would like to purchase the nightmare before christmas embroidery collection, I did not see where I could and what would the price be
  7. That font will not sew that small. Decrease your density. You might even try the Gouldy Bold font, at that size the serifs of the letters are hard to notice the deference anyway. Try no underlay.......What type of Backing are you using? Also if you try the Gouldy bold increase your pull comp and you could add a 1.50 mm zig zag underlay if you don't have to many letters........hope this helps
  8. using a dissolving clear backing on the top, along with smaller needles and 60 denier threads usually does the trick on most things. Be careful with the pull comp. as you may end up with unreadable text
  9. My drive crashed on my computer and I lost everything. Is there anyway that I can get another copy of the files that I have purchased in the past. They were favorites of mine. Let me know. Thank you.
  10. I purchased a monster high embroidery design yesterday and it has some out in all weird colors can u give me the color chart or something so I can
  11. Hello. Did you ever get an answer to your question? Which embroidery design formats are you trying to bring in? I have Wilcom DecoStudio 1.5. I can open a blank document then click file n - merge embroidery design, the little box appears and I place it on the page wherever I want. I go through the same steps if I already have a design open. I tried several design formats with no problems. Are the designs you are trying to bring in one of the embroidery design formats in the drop down box? What kinds of choices are you making that are giving you the error message? What version of digit
  12. I am new at this embroidery business and am having a problem merging embroidery design with either Wilcom 2006 or E3. A lot of the choices I make after clicking on them state "error reading design. Any ideas??
  13. Corel X4 is what you would need if you still have not started using version DecoStudio2.0 which will support Corel X5 as well.
  14. I just purchased Mickey mouse Halloween embroidery design with two other ones. I did not receive the download for Mickey. Please send me the download for Mickey Mouse Halloween in VIP format. Thank you.
  15. I purchased four designs from your website, the designs are paid via credit card and the has been paid out. I have the designs but I DO NOT have the option of downloading. This is actually my 4 or 5th email asking for help. I hope I have not lost my money and nothing to show for it. I also tried Skype and I get no response there as well. If you are a reputable site I hope you have the courtesy to respond to this email.
  16. bought a pattern for the Boston Bruins alternative logo embroidery design in August and only received the large size. How do I get the smaller sizes? Thanks
  17. Dont have any pics but if you type in MINECRAFT it will bring it up, you can get the game for free. its a lego type game the kids can build on loads of characters hope you can manage it for me, many thanks
  18. I am having an issue...my Brother PE500 embroidery machine is not showing the below products on my screen. I believe it may be bigger than my sewing field will allow. My sewing field is 3.9 x 3.9 inches.
  19. MY last order appears to be larger than my screen printing area (3.9 x 3.9). I have a Brother PE 500. Please resize and send to me.
  20. Please disregard my earlier post I found out how to sign into my account and I found the design. I haven\'t stitched it out yet but it really looks so much better than other\'s I\'ve bought online.
  21. I downloaded the Ralph lauren polo pony embroidery design, but only received the small and medium size pony\'s in the DST file format. Where is the largest file
  22. I would like to get this Sharks logo in a bigger size, such as 7 inches x 6 inches. Also, are you able to put a white outline around outside edges? I was planning on embroidering this on black item. Or create a new logo like this one but with a white border. I have seen many with the white. San Jose Sharks Logo embroidery design I would like this design approximately 7x6 as well. It says 3 colors. Is there a way to stitch the white background on the ball white? I am putting this on a black or grey material. San Francisco Giants Logo embroidery design This says there are 3
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