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  2. Question: sorry to bother again will this fit brother pe500 4 x 4 hoop thanks soo much. This I love mustache embroidery design for my hoop size?
  3. hi there will this Beauty sketch embroidery design fit a hoop size 4 x 4 thank you
  4. Hi The BMW logo is not showing up on the Brother SE425 embroidery machine. I have a 4x4 hoop and I did check the hoop size before I selected it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. "1B2" message is shown when a color changing on Tajima machines. When you make a design you use many colors so the design file has included many STOP commands. That is why when you sew the design with a Tajima machine, Tajima machine shows "1B2"( = STOP for Color changing) You can use many colors during making a design for your own purpose but when finishing the design, you should unify those many colors for the final numbers of color you really use for the production. Kazu@Tajima, Japan.
  6. I have you tried using a very light density Zig zag or satin stitch? For example -50 SPI.
  7. ok i know this is an easy one but i am lost.....how do i do name stacking.....i have about fifty garments that all need different names on them....how do i go about doing it in my software.....i have Tajima illustrator.version 13.....thanks for any tips....
  8. I followed your instructions, but still can not open sequence view. After restarting DG/ML I don't see all the toolbars in the left corner. Any other ideas?
  9. I have Tajima DG/ML version and my sequence view will not show when I press Shift T. I was on the forum and it said to change the diagnostic settings which I tried but it didn't work. The settings I found on the forum were for Version 12, what are the settings for Version 11? Thank you,
  10. Hi ism new customer I just order Minion embroidery design as DSB format and pay for it but in email there is no link to download file can u call me or send another email please I have to give to the customer asap
  11. It looks to me like a problem in the hooping or the pull of the fabric. Can you try to sew the design on felt or just 2 pieces of cut away backing (no fabric). If the design is OK on the backing then it is a hooping or pull compensation problem. The fabric can move in the hoop when sewing. Are you using the smallest hoop possible to fit the design?
  12. I have had some instances where the contour lines peek out as running stitches around an inside curve. I have a design with a digitized D and O and I can't keep the contour lines where they belong all of the time. I am embroidering on caps. The inset for the contour lines is set at .02mm. The outside inset is fine. How do I move the inside curve inset? I would appreciate any tips.
  13. Hi I have attached all of my thread chart files. You will need to unzip these files to your thread database folder. You can get to the Thread Database folder by selecting Start-Programs-Tajima-DGML by Pulse 12-Support-Application Data Folder. Once inside the Application Data Folder you should see a folder named ThreadDB. Make a backup copy of all of the files in this folder and then unzip the files I have attached replacing the existing files. Let me know how you make out with this. If you have questions, I can have someone in support walk you through this. Best Regards, ThreadDB.zip
  14. Hi I would make sure you are using the latest version 12. The latest version is I think we made some changes to the thread charts fairly recently. Here is a sample of what I get for Mahogany. Let me know if this looks like what you are getting. Thanks
  15. I found this in my archive. It may be of help. Remember when doing satin columns under 1 mm you have to use a smaller needle and thread. When digitizing for 60 use -.2 in the density box. I don't think enough discussion is made on the use of 60 thread and 65/9 needles. I have been promoting the use of these for over 5 years now and although I don't have everyone of my customers convinced sometimes examples are necessary. Its my opinion that 60 thread is the only answer to fine detail and small lettering. I have posted a design on my site ''Bowl Nation'' >http://www.westway.citymax.com/
  16. Are you using the small text? On the top tool bar if you go to help, then fonts, it will list all the fonts you have and what sizes they will work at. Try some of the small fonts. Make them the size recommended and they usually work well.
  17. I downloaded Swirl lily embroidery design for $2.99.... And on my computer to load it to my USB its only giving me one flower. I sent a picture of what I wanted and bought..and the second picture..is what it gave me..and its not what I ordered..what do I do now?? All the other 4 designs are good just the swirl lily isn't what I want
  18. I use the Hoop Tech ITCS clamps to do this type of thing Regina Cassidy It Takes a Stitch
  19. I was browsing through images to load to practice my digitizing when I noticed the Font folder. I opened it and saw a whole bunch of fonts that I don't have on my drop down menu (baby blanket, beverly, carving, charisma, cola bottle, fine point, humpty dumpty, josephine, rebecca and many more). They all have the extension _fon.pcx. Some of the other fonts that I do have in my drop down menu have this same extension. How can I get these other fonts into my drop down menu so I can use them?
  20. Rose the rule of thumb is 15% up and 10% down. You have to remember that stitch files when resizing do not compensate for density. So your left with a couple of choices. Reprocess the segment in question buy using the stitch to outline file. Contact the company and have them resize it for you or reduce it to a size where the stitches don't break up. If you only have Brother PE-Design (this home digitizing software) then one of these options mat not be available to you. Sorry I cant be more help
  21. just began using this embroidery program and am curious as to whether or not you can create text yourself. You know, like custom text I suppose. I'd like to be able to draw in my own text.
  22. We're new at this lark, but have had to do lot of testing to understand thread tensioning. A few points we've found that cause tension trouble: - cardboard sided p rewound bobbins, the thread in them occasionally locks as it comes out from the edge where it is against the cardboard. Throws the bobbin tension high. Solution long term is non sided bobbin, but short term (just bought a couple of big boxes of sided bobbins) have removed the flat spring and take sides off the bobbins. Also feed bobbin backwards into the bobbin tension slot (ie. turns back on itself as it comes off the bobbin and o
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