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  1. I purchased the MLB design and requested it in PES well for some reason I am unable to open it! I can also use DST, can I please get that sent to me? I also had asked about getting it in a smaller size that what was offered, I wanted to get it 1 inch wide x .5 inch tall Thank you ~
  2. I had such a nice response to my question about monogramming heavy canvas bags, that i would like to pose another question. What tricks do you successful monogrammed have for monogramming very fine pashmina shawls and very fine pima cotton baby one sizes? I'll pay it forward and share what works for me. Thanks for the help you've given me so far.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a police style hat in hot pink?
  4. Hi list. This took a minute but I have found my way. I need to know how to embroider with foam and the 3d fonts. I have tried it several ways and the foam pops through. The funny thing is when I didn't use any foam it looked great. I would like some foam on the hat, since that is what the customer wants. Any help and suggestions? Thank you in advance, this group has gotten me through my first year and I have nothing but gratitude for all of you. Thank you
  5. I have a new computer iMac. How to install it Wilcom E3 embroidery software. New computer with Windows want to buy it. I do not like Windows and any Microsoft software. How are the options? Is there a special Wilcom version for Mac.
  6. I can not find where to plug panel for sequins and rhinestones. I looked through all settings - do not see. Who knows.
  7. Can we do digitizing Chenille lettering on my SWF embroidery machine?
  8. You already carry the logo, I'm just wanting it smaller, like the size of a US quarter, for example. I'm attaching the picture of your logo
  9. Hello, we are trying to see if you can do the "G" embroidery design in a smaller version. Would love to see it come in about a 1 inch circle. Please consider this, it would be a great addition to the current sizes you offer. The smaller one you have is not small enough for bands or belts. Thanks.
  10. The Boston Bruin logo embroidery design.PES (Brother) embroidery files that i downloaded are corrupt and will not load. I also ordered the Chicago Blackhawks logo embroidery design and those .PES files work fine. Can you look and see if the Boston Bruin File might be corrupt I have Downloaded them twice and both times same result (unexpected file format).
  11. You cancel this order as I could never get Firefox to allow me to pay through PayPal so I reordered and paid by using a credit card.
  12. I use the basic lock the most personally. It has 5 strokes and looks like a tiny bow tie. It is more intrusive than the line lock but holds a fill better. I use lines on small letting. If I am hand-punching my own underlay, I create my own lock and it looks like a star. Then I'll use the basic lock to tie off with. I don't do sequins so can't speak to that.
  13. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 4.60 x 6.70' For pillow decoration.
  14. View File Raspberries free embroidery Size: 4.60 x 6.70' For pillow decoration. Submitter cousette31 Submitted 01/19/2014 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  15. Walt Disney made a movie called " song of the south". I am looking for machine embroidery of two characters in that movie. They are Brer Fox & Brer Bear.
  16. I cant get files to open with adobe reader, what am i doing wrong
  17. Version All version available


    Best decoration: 99 x 111 mm One color Digitizer: Ludmila Rebrina
  18. View File Swirl free embroidery Best decoration: 99 x 111 mm One color Digitizer: Ludmila Rebrina Submitter cousette31 Submitted 12/31/2013 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  19. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Do you like cats? Then this free project is for you. It will be a bright decoration of your summer t-shirt. Embroidered easy and simple. Designs for summer wear should always be in your embroidery library. After all, in the summer you need to look original. And with our free designs, this is easy. You do not need to pay anything. Hoop size: 139 x 188 Author Fabregas
  20. I could only use the smaller embroidery design as the larger one is too big for my hoop so have to get a friend to do it.
  21. Thank you, last pic worked: showing -+45000 stitches with smaller hoop: thanks for the help...much appreciated: with what did you convert all those embroidery designs: and reduce the stitches: is this something i can do...
  22. Card is empty yes. actually when select other files in the menu and browsing.. writing to a card it has a red cross across the picture when selecting 130 x 180 mm if you can i will greatly appreciate it i can also send you the one i have and you can check i have just checked properties of file it has 65092 stiches and bcoz machine can only do 64000 it's probably why it doesn't work
  23. it's an angel on the Little Fairy embroidery design,: i have a brother machine 780D, PE-design 5.6: with the 130 x 180 frame
  24. i'm having a problem with the size of a pes file picture bought on embroideres.com when trying to write to a card i get an error "too many stiches"\ can you assist?
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