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  1. Together in cafe cross stitch free embroidery design

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    Together forever. Youth friendship love. A colorful plot for a sofa cushion. Now it is not necessary to embroider for many months to get a beautiful cross-stitched product. You can use the embroidery machine.

    Sizes: full 8.50 x 8.43'

    Separated: 8.50 x 5.43' and 8.50 x 2.99'

    Embroidered cushion with together design


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  2. am a member of yours site and have brought a few designs from you.i will be looking at more from you from time to time. i was wondering if you had or could do any DOCTOR WHO designs at all i am just a father from Australia that just enjoys doing different things on my children's cloths and towels. if you could help at all i be very happy.
    please and thank you

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  3. Hey!!  I'm not sure what near time means?  Does that mean you will have this design available soon?

    Also, I wanted to ask you if you have designed any items that have to be made in several hoopings?  I have an idea for a great gift, but it would require several hoopings and I need to find someone to design it for an embroidery machine.  I have pictures I could send if you are interested.

    The Florida State logo embroidery design and the Tampa Bay Rays Logo embroidery design and the BUCS logo embroidery design I ordered I am needing smaller sizes. Like small enough to fit on a baseball. Could you make them smaller?

    Love your designs on FB - so detailed and beautiful.  You are a very good artist!

    My Best,

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  4. Hi, I’m sorry to be a bother on these Dr. Seuss embroidery designs, but when I download the letter I cannot find the size that is on your home page (4.92 x 3.62).& This is the size I need to be compatible with the other letters.
    I also thought you would like to know that when you sent me the letter T you also sent many of your files along with it.  With professional help I was finally able to delete the many Winnie the Pooh embroidery designs as well as many of your free designs so I could navigate to 4D and finally get designs on the thumb drive.
  5. That font will not sew that small. Decrease your density.  You might even try the Gouldy Bold font, at that size the serifs of the letters are hard to notice the deference anyway. Try no underlay.......What type of Backing are you using?  Also if you try the Gouldy bold increase your pull comp and you could add a 1.50 mm zig zag underlay if you don't have to many letters........hope this helps

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