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    Love both the Lady Spring and Lady Fall! Any chance Ladies Summer and Winter are in the Making?
  1. I am fairly new to this technique. Why can some designs only be opened in Embird? There are some of us who would love this but do not have this software. Any suggestions? Other than buying Embird!
  2. Floriani Total Control. I also use the Bernina Free Artlink 7. Never had any problem with either except with the photo stitch and then only with a few.
  3. I absolutely love this design; however, I have tried to open this in 2 different software and neither one will open it.
  4. When I try to save my design it asks me to pick a machine code template. I have tried every on for Brother and they all say that a 7x12 design won't fit in their hoops. I have a Brother Innov-2200. If I try to use the design and ignor the size warning it won't show up on my machine. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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