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  1. My mistake. When I create .DST file, from some reson an .DSG file is generated automaticly, so by mistake I did copy .DSG file insted .DST.
  2. One more thing. Machine dont see DST (Tajima) file created in program from the memoru stick. It is Brother machine. Enybody know why?
  3. Yes. In Wilcom is called Slow redraw.
  4. Hello. Happy new year to everybody. Long time ago I got Wilcom E 1.5. Now I vould like to use it, but cant find some simple answers. I watched tutorials on Youtube. People do something, and than demostrate how does it works by starting "slow redraw". What ever I do, even a simple desing with single element, I can not use slow redraw. Can enybody tell me why?
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