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  1. I copied and saved the .PES files to my desktop then attempted to open them in the PED Basic but the PED Basic is still not showing all of them. Not sure if this matters or not but the files not showing were from a Kimbray Blank class I am taking with our local sewing store, not sure if they are proprietary or not. Below is a screen shot of the desktop file and what I can see in PED Basic. Also I do not see where the 'Import Patterns' option is found - thanks
  2. I have downloaded and installed the PED Basic software to my computer. When I open the embroidery files I have on the computer in the PED Basic program it is not 'seeing' all of the files - they all have the .pes extension. I also do not have an 'import patterns' option on my program. The Brother Machine I am using is a Brother Pacesetter ULT 2001 - so only a floppy drive and card drive option to read files - no USB drive. Any assistance you give me would be appreciated.
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