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  1. I made this pillow for a friend - the flower is your design and I did the words on PE Design 10.  Stitched out beautifully. Can't put on m page as it is a birthday gift - and I hope she likes it.

    Ruthanns Pillow Front.JPG

  2. marianna


    Thank you Igor for a beautiful design. My hoop was not large enough so I resized in PE Design 10. Turned out glorious - I love it plain AND I love it embellished - made it today as a secret santa gift
  3. Done and ready to hang - added a colorful piece of silk ribbon to hang Download here
  4. This was the first embroidery design I did with the Crescent Dove for a good friend - it hangs in her home. Download here Crescent and dove free machine embroidery design

    © MA BUIST - quilting; embroideres.com design;

  5. Second raffle quilt done with Northern Lights lengthwise.... Crescent and dove free machine embroidery design

    © MA BUIST quilted; embroideres.com design

  6. First raffle quilt. Free download here Crescent and dove free machine embroidery design

    © Quilted by MA BUIST; Design Embroideres.com

  7. This is original and bright interior pillow with very well elaborated design. It is based on interesting composition of stripes of fabric having different colors and portrait of pretty kitten including all of them. It is Cute kitty free embroidery design. Look how perfectly author changed original color scheme to add it by shades needed because of used stripes of fabric.
  8. Embroidered pillow with Grey home cat free photo stitch embroidery design

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

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