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  1. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 9,00 x 11.50'
  2. View File Wolf photo stitch free embroidery design 7 Size: 9,00 x 11.50' Submitter sevigine Submitted 09/03/2015 Category Photo stitch  
  3. View File Romantic date in roof free embroidery design Size: 8.80 x 24.96' Author: Zabava Submitter sevigine Submitted 09/03/2015 Category Photo stitch  
  4. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 5.06 x 5.38'
  5. View File Decoration free embroidery design 73 Size: 5.06 x 5.38' Submitter sevigine Submitted 08/06/2015 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  6. I have a embroidery machine that does 4x4. I can get this image to download to my flash drive but it will not show up once I put it in my machine. Is there anyway you can make it a little smaller?
  7. I found a design I like on your website but it is too big. Would there be a way you could reduce it for me? The size is 103x123 and I would need it no bigger than half that size.
  8. I ordered the patriots logo and i am trying to find out which file is the larger sized logo from my download list?
  9. Another way to name stack is to create a text box then choose Multiline. Check the box that says Split text into segments then enter your names. You'll find you have separate names. Select them all then align center/center. The beauty of this technique is, you can have different fonts, you can change spelling easy, things like that. You want to be sure you create each one in a different color so the machine will stop. You can have all of them on the screen before aligning, choose every other one and change those to whatever color you like. There you go! All have a color change. :-)
  10. Go to tools-configuration-user settings Then click on Stitch Generation and unchecked the setting Generate Stitches on Right Click Let me know how this works out for you. Best Regards
  11. You would need to get the serial cable from your distributor. A standard cable from a computer store will not work. I think yoou have been speaking with a support tech about this. I am going to contasct our support team to see what I can do to help. Best Regards,
  12. There are 15 or so fonts that are exclusive to Maestro. The only way to get those fonts are to upgrade to Maestro. They are not available for individual sale. On the Hirsch Website, you can click on the fonts link on the lower left side of the page and it will show you the Maestro Exclusive Fonts.
  13. Скачала и установила программу. Странное дело все языки есть а русского нет. Почему? Я точно знаю что в Sierra Embroidery Office точно есть. Или я скачала какую то усеченную версию. Можно конечно и на английском работать , но все таки не очень удобно. Хотелось бы видеть на родном языке.
  14. To Whom it may concern I have downloaded and purchased designs from you several times. I still have the emails with order numbers and designs. Today I tried to sign to retrieve those design because my old computer crashed and I had purchase a new one. I found that my user name and password does not work or my account has been deleted. Please check your records and restore my membership and the designs I have already purchased from you.
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