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    Thanks so much. Looks just like my dog that went over the rainbow bridge.
    This is gorgious. Thank you so much. Now have to buy something to put it on.
    Love the file but dont know if i can put it in XXX. I just got in XXX so thankyou so much. dont know why i could not down load it before.
  1. On this picture you see two pretty interior cushions. Author made them using Christmas candle cross stitch free embroidery design and A cup full of christmas wishes cross stitch free embroidery design. Author’s comment :”Pillows made with this beautiful designs from one of the great designers here. Berez I think is the name of the designer and I made these lovely pillows”.
    thank you. could not get the add review to work on my other downloads so I'm saying it now "Beautiful Designs and Thank You so much!"
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