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  1. ok, thanks to you both, I will try these things. Sounds like I am close, the last 6mm text stitched out without a break.
  2. I normally run at 950, slowed it down to 850, and it was better. What speed are you two stitching? I will try the double up on the backing. thanks!
  3. I would, but it's just text in a small size, and stitches out fine on my other larger needles. I think I could use some advise on stabilizers, tension, or something else having to do with the machine, rather than the software?
  4. I just picked up the Gunald Microfonts. I bought the thread and fine needles too. software is easy to use and sews nicely on my 12 needle Happy on my standard needles (75-11). But on the needle I set up with the 65-9 it suffers from thread breaks and kinda shreds the fine thread. I lowered the tension and it is better, but still a problem, cannot sew out a full line of text. Can I get some tips on sewing out fine text with fine thread? I'm practising on a woven apron using cutaway backing. thanks!'
  5. If you haven't designed for flat embroidery it would be helpful to try that first. If you have this digitized mention that the design is for caps because that will affect the set-up.
  6. There are a lot of books out there on embroidery digitizing, some are good, others are a waste of money. I've used some tutorials, taken a lot of digitized designs and looked at how they were done, and mostly just a lot of trial and error.
  7. A set of fast frames would probably be a good investment for you. Fast frames are easy to work with and can be used for a variety of items such as bags, sleeves and hats. Personally I don't accept customer provided items because hooping can be tricky, I don't want to ruin anyone's personal item and its hard to charge for the extra involved when embroidering individual odd pieces. Many people love the clamps but you'll have to embroider a lot of items to justify that investment.
  8. In this price range, I have never seen any cap system. You can find some used Brother six needle machine with cap system for 3-4 thousand, if you hunt around. Look for a PR-600 or 620.
  9. Hey Nessa, I got some of the issues with the stabilizer. You need to check out google where you can find some helpful tips for using stabilizer and type of fabric used from that stabilizer. Please read some articles where you can find helpful information.
  10. And you could float a layer of medium tear away under the hoop when you start stitching and this will help with design registration. And use a layer of solvy on top of the item too. Are you using a Ball point embroidery needle size 75/11 or 80/12 as you are stitching on a knit type fabric?
  11. Another thing to think about - slow the machine right down (if you have variable speed). Also - does the design stitch out ok on 'ordinary' fabric (ie not stretchy?) - it may be the design is the problem. If that is the case, perhaps you could do it as an applique, so that you only stitch a satin stitch border on the jacket fabric.
  12. Most towels are fairly stable w a thick pile Depending on the stitch count I would use one ot 2 pieces of a 1.5 or 1.8 oz "wet laid" firm but dense tearaway w a water soluble topping.
  13. What is your approx stitch count? Is it dense? Any satin stitching? Is the fabric a high pile and is there any stretch to the towel?
  14. Really! I got this machine since long and never utilized these stuffs due to my null ideas. I tried out falcon free hand. It turns out great for me. As I use this often, I preserve this file.
  15. I got some freehand drawing design and want to digitize them. When I started to digitize it, I am getting too many colors. This is making havoc in decent designing. I had tried 2-50 numbers with freehand (by black marker) etc. but nothing is working greatly. I also tried color pencils. Is there is any way out? I also got PES format design but I am using JEF format. I am also trying to convert this. However, I cannot convert them.
  16. I will not buy another Janome though unless they come up with something better in their customer service. One former Janome dealer near here, won't deal with them anymore, she says they do not care about there customers. I think the dealers and service make a huge difference with the happy Janome customers, but they can only do so much without company backing. I'm looking at Pfaff, Brother and the Babylock. I won't be buying right away as my Janome 10k performs well, and has very little time on it.
  17. I am not one of those kids in the playground! I am toying with the idea of trading in my Janome 12000 on the 15000. I bought the 12000 on impulse without carrying out due diligence and made an expensive mistake. Before I take the plunge with the Janome 15000, I am going to gather all the information I can. I find that following the posts on this forum, especially when they address specific issues, extremely helpful. candacel, I appreciate your comments as you are a person who has bought and used most of the Janome models.
  18. Thanks for the info. Keep us posted. Is the manual the same quality as the one for the 12K or is it printed on good quality paper and more sturdy?
  19. Not really, ballpoint needle also cannot perform the task very well. Last night, I tried it but I got hole in the t-shirt.
  20. I got Brothers SE 400 and struggling to learn for embroidery. I read lot of them online. I am new to this forum and would like to ask you all about better stabilizers for children's t-shirts. I heard about light, medium and heavy weight. Are they awesome to use? Please let me know.
  21. I am quoting here another way: Just go to internet and download ambassador and try to open .dst file and then zoom to largest resolution “window” and then use “print screen “ to save view to the clipboard file as jpeg. Go to clipboard and open as new in Corel photopiantor Photoshop.
  22. Yet you find many free files on the internet but you would be facing with limited learning curve. Based on my 2 years learning experience on using artwork it is slightly difficult if you are using for the first time. I hope this will help you in converting
  23. This equation is quite common. This is probably can be label as advanced software. But you can take benefit from Coral Draw. It is cheaper than Wilcom. Certain businesses houses also propose facility if you do not want to purchase your own software.
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