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  1. Thanks for replying, but I don't think this will help me especially since it's totally a different model. Well Thanks again.
  2. I have got a PR600 but I'm looking to sell it off so that I can upgrade however I'm not sure what to ask for it.
  3. Can you upload the file your trying to do and I will check it and run it on my machine?
  4. Hi Den, So is everything the same except you changed the needle to a 65/9? Which thread did you buy?
  5. I think the bigger question is are you planning on digitizing the designs by hand or are you thinking you can take the vector design and automatically generated a stitch file from it? If the second, don't be surprised when your automatically digitized design looks like crap when it sews out...
  6. As for pockets - most designs can't be embroidered on the pocket unless the pocket is removed for embroidery so I tell customers that the design must be placed over the pocket. Beanies can be easily hooped with a regular hoop. I use the HoopMaster sleeve arm to hoop them. It works great.
  7. there is nothing out there that will do hats for $1000 if you buy second hand, it better be be a tajima or barudan and any of them will be over $5000 if you find a good deal
  8. I have used black embroidery thread in my bobbin. This was before I got my bobbin thread supplies. it worked just fine. the other trick was permanent black marking pen. I can't think of the brand at the moment, but back in the early days I used all these tricks to colour the white bobbin thread when it was showing through.
  9. Thank you,!! You made it make more sense!! I have searched the internet for information. I really just want a fancier script than the machine offers and a collegiate font for school items. And maybe in the future, real designs.
  10. Can I just put the alphabet on the CF card and pick each letter as a design? Do I have to have a digitizer just to download a couple of fonts? Do I have to have the card writer if my computer takes a CF card? As you can tell, I am totally ignorant about anything that isn't in the basic manual.
  11. What I want to know is... If I find an alphabet online in a .jef format, can I download it and use any paint program to work with it? I understand that each letter would qualify as an individual design.
  12. I have used the monograms available on the machine, and understand the process. Right now I do not want to design any myself, but take advantage of some free designs online.
  13. I have used the embroidery features and am having a lot of fun. I would like to add fonts and am very confused as to what I need or how to do it. I do not have a Janome dealer close by. Can I simply download fonts onto a CF card or do I need some kind of embroidery software on my laptop? How basic (and inexpensive) can I go to start with? I've read alot on the forums and I have not seen this question. The former owner is not available for questions, either.
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